Purge your Closet and Create those Resolutions

Purge your Closet and Create those Resolutions

New Year's resolutions always seem like the chore that everyone has to hype themselves up to complete. In a few months (or in Teresa’s case, a few hours) you’ll revert back to your old ways and wait till it's conveniently the new year once again. This past week, we learned a lot about resolutions and how to effectively make them stick. Fashion is no exception when it comes to making new goals and reinvigorating your love for clothes. Although 2020 was a devastating year for many of us, streetwear and fashion culture shifted in an interesting way. For some Americans it was a move away from business casual to loungewear and for the rest of us it was a dive into straight up PJs all-day everyday. We loved seeing people getting festive with their hair, makeup and wardrobe just to hangout in the living room. We enjoyed people making a conscious effort to make sustainable clothes choices instead of buying new. Who has the closet space for that anyways? 

Speaking of closets, one of the first blogs we ever wrote at the club was decluttering your overfilled closet. After 35 blog posts, tons of research, a few too many cups of late night coffee and a few shopping hauls, we feel way smarter about this topic. What better way to welcome the new year than feeling good about the space around you. Since we’ve been staying home these days it's only right to begin this year with a little cleaning rundown. Currently we’ve followed a bunch of cleaning profiles to help us live our cleanest life, so we thought we would apply some of those tips and tricks to the closet. Teresa’s number one goal in 2021 is to clean out the shoe rack! She is a shoe guru but her own collection needs a purge, maybe even donate tho shoes from over 10 years ago. The point of building your wardrobe is so you can feel good about all the outfits you have. When you’ve capped and feel a little tired of your style that means it is time to declutter and see if you need to filter in some new pieces. Lets purge this 2021 holiday and set some fashion resolutions. Read on for a quick guide to the “purge” and some fashion resolutions you can start right now. 


We have a whole blog post dedicated to this here, so we shall briefly overview some tips. 

  • Have a wardrobe goal in mind. Analyze the history of each piece of clothes. What is its use? How many times have you worn it? Does it even fit still? Will you wear it in the future? 
  • Pre-plan your giveaway. Dedicate and hold yourself accountable to giving those unnecessary items away. We can’t tell you how many times Teresa has emptied the closet, plans on giving things away only for them to sit in the trunk of the car for weeks. If you follow through with your plan you're going to feel a weight taken off your shoulder. 
  • Keep doing it. It has to be said. You need to be consistently decluttering and evaluating the closet mess. Decluttering is not a one in done task, it requires maintenance to maintain its health. 
  • Unsubscribe, promise not to shop. Yup we said it. If you're really invested in keeping the closet clean, it's a good idea to keep temptation away. Plus nobody texts or emails you more than unethical and non eco-friendly companies. No Old Navy and Dolls Kill, not today. Plus impulse buys are a money squandering way back to debt. 

  • Resolutions: 

    A brainstorm of ways to keep your fashion profile ahead of the curve. 

    Plan ahead: It's a rare moment when you've created a fashion masterpiece while running late during your day to day morning routine. It does happen but you're more likely to forget your accessories that tie the piece together. Have ideas pre-planned and set out the night before. 

    Play more: Are you the type of person who overbuys and never wears? Or wears once and thinks a piece is useless? Your fashion resolution should be to style more with the clothes that you have. Yes, having a limited selection means the possibilities are not endless but really using that one shirt in 10 different ways helps keep the spark between you and your wardrobe alive. Don’t forget about these accessories either. Headwear and jewellery are essentials. Style your basics with a scarf for winter or even a belt.  

    Stay Aware and Educated: For the fast fashion shopper just joining us on our mission to stay eco friendly, read those labels. If you're going to buy, we recommend you don't. But if you do get smart and read the labels. Some fabrics last longer than others and you can already bet that your forever 21 wardrobe is not for life. With that said, the better you take care of your clothes the better you're able to keep 'em! Read our blog on washing laundry and sweater fabrics. 

    Shop Ethical: This again goes for the fast fashion consumer, but remember for all the cheap or marked down products you buy, that is someone's lifeline. The fashion industry as a whole is an exploitative field so if you're ready to join this community research the plethora of companies. So many are creating sustainable shopping experiences. 

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