The Club's Choice: Getting Cozy for New Years

The Club's Choice: Getting Cozy for New Years

It’s 4am in the morning when you slush out of your coma and realize you're in some random bathroom lying next to the toilet. You reek and your party dress is in shambles as you try to stand up and make your way to whatever is outside the door. You can hear the faint sounds of muffled music, which makes your pounding headache hurt even more. Before you can even make it to the door you slip on a glass bottle and smash into the wall and for some reason this is funny, so you start laughing. “Damn, how did I get here,” you think while you sit in that same spot for what feels like hours. Finally you muster enough courage to get out that door you remember what a wild night you had, “happy New Year.” Ok I’ve only lived that life maybe once or twice so far. The worst thing that's happened to me on New Years was vowing to never eat fast food again, only to end up oinking out on Taco Bell not even an hour or two after the new year. I don’t know what surprised me more, me breaking a new year's resolution or the fact that Taco Bell was open at 2 am in a dead part of Denver. People have to make that bank right? Ahhh good old capitalism, never ceases to amaze me. But I save that for another day. Lately my mindset has changed and I’m more of the cozy relaxing type of new year celebration person. Last year me and the family piled up in the living room and watched movies and rang in the new year with grape juice champagne and the occasional shot, shot, shot. It makes me happy to see all these new year food ideas and decor. We are having what we deemed as “Blue Christmas,” which makes sense on so many levels if you think about it. That sounds dour but actually it's a funny play on words and this year. All decor is white and blue, which is a perfect way in my opinion to ring in the New Year. Since this year has had its buzzkill moments I really think we must do a little local traveling when the clock strikes midnight. Maybe go see the last minute holiday decorations or just get a feel for what New Years in a pandemic looks like. No matter what you are doing for the upcoming holiday, it's important to look good so you can feel good. That's my motto anyways. Today we are gathering a variety of outfits for whatever your new years plans are. Check them out below and get inspired to shop vintage and save the planet by being eco friendly. That might be a great way to start the year! Just saying. Let us know in the comment section how you plan on spending New Years and hit us up on Instagram to chat! 

We might as well get the party outfits out of the way. Many people traveled for Thanksgiving and I imagine many of you are reading this on your mom's couch right now wondering what you're going to wear on Friday. Well if you're a throwback to 2010 New Years Eve gal then sparkly or print is your bff. This David Meister cocktail dress is for you. Pair with some black stockings and those platform open-toed heels for a 60s modern look!

Speaking of vintage dresses and the 60s take a peek at this modern Vince Camuto shimmery dress. It's amazing and warm and perfect for an intimate gathering of your loved ones. 

For those of us with unshaved legs and looking to stand gorgeous for the 1 percent of time it's going to take for photos, this Vintage Scott McClintock embellished dress is perfect. 

This has been the year for you to mullet your outfits, party on the top and cozy on the bottom. The countless zoom memes are equally embarrassing and relatable. Rock this cable knit sweater to the end of days paired with this metallic, vibrant Rachel Roy Party Platinum Skirt

 If your cold cover-up with some of these jacket ideas. This Chaps Love vintage Jacket. It's warm and a weird contrast to the dress. Teddy Jackets scream, “I Love Fashion” and that is why this green one is a must have. Seriously don't miss out. We also have a pink one, yes please! I Love the warmth a Territory Ahead Jacket has, nab this one

Seriously this outfit is a major vibe. Brown is an underrated color and this Ralph Lauren Crewneck says it all. Where’s the jogger pants at? These dark green Nike Joggers are IT or go for the track pants officially licensed by the Olympics.  I know some of us are manifesting those magic vacations in the new year, so here is to those waiting for DisneyLand and DisneyWorld to reopen under no COVID restrictions, nab this flocked Mickey Mouse Sweater

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