How to Declutter Your Closet Like A Pro!

How to Declutter Your Closet Like A Pro!

Houston, we have Problem... my closet is a nightmare.

Yep, that sounds pretty familiar. Some of our team members at the Club have a mild case of hoarding, especially clothes, and we suspect you're finding out the same thing. It's kinda like a little rainbow of sunshine floats over your head as you skim and scroll, visualizing that new fit. And when your brand spankin’ new shoes arrive like a fresh flower to brighten the day, storage is the last thing on your mind. Your momentary weakness, satisfied. But we know happiness only lasts so long and before ya know it your bedroom has succumbed to the closet monster accompanied with mothballs and his ilk. Follow our tips to declutter like a pro and watch your shopping game and mental health rise. :D A successful declutter sesh is a journey best spent with the homies, because they’ll tell it like it is. Zoom em’ in on the trip if you know you need an extra shot of help. 



Define your closet goals. The point of decluttering isn’t to get rid of everything lounging in your closet for more than six Months. In fact that vintage puffer jacket that only sees the light of day twice a year can be an investment not a threat. Decluttering is a mix of asking the unsavory questions and sentimentality. Pick an item and ask yourself: 

How did I feel the last time I wore this? 

When was the last time I wore it? 

What occasion is this for? Does that fit my current lifestyle? 

What actual sentimental value does this hold? 

How do I usually style this? 

Be practical and brutal in your approach because if the shirt don’t fit, get rid of it!


Don't let your emotions guide your decisions. Decluttering is a tense time because it's hard to toss memories out. But rest assured that someone else will carry your wardrobes legacy into its next life after you donate it. Yes donate, don’t toss, unless you're talking about that holey pair of dirty socks. We pride ourselves in curating the best gently used items to you. Each with its own story ready to continue. Pride aside, many people donate for that tax write off so if you need some extra motivation, there ya have it.


Decide ahead of time where your old clothes are going. Although we recommend immediately donating your duds, you can sell them as well. It's more time, commitment and not as profitable as many imagine but the option is available. Sites like Poshmark or Mercari are perfect for this. The point of decluttering is not to spend too much time with the newly deceased so don’t wait too long otherwise your struggle is pointless. Since social distancing is very much a thing, your local stores might be open, call ahead.



Finally, keep doing it. No really, like declutter often and get this system downpat because the more you do this the better you're able to keep positive vibes in and monsters out. Keep a donation box ready because if you're a shopping freak then, yeah you're gonna need one.

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