The Club's Choice: Red for the Men

The Club's Choice: Red for the Men

Welcome back to another installment of The Club fawning over the color red again. This time gents we are combing through our racks to find a little sum sum for you. Like we mentioned last week, and if you continue to read our blog on Friday, red is an important impassioned color. We’ve seen it used in countless movies as a signal of hope and of horror. We are looking at you Stanley Kubrick. Raise your hand if you were scared shitless when the blood came out of the elevator in the Shining? Red isn’t always so sinister, it's also used to convey those sexy feelings that are bottled up in us sometimes. It's no wonder why Valentine's Day is red. Lets get into these three outfits with pops of reds for the fellas. 

I curated a few polo pieces way back in September, which you can check out here, and now I bring you some more offerings. Polos will always remind me of the UK, and early 2000s/late 90s Scotland. I don’t know what the fashion scene overseas is offering these days but I always think of tracksuits, polos, football fans and a tough underbelly attitude. I watched a lot of foreign movies when I was younger and those images always stuck. I remember seeing Tommy Hilfiger popularized in movies so check this  Tommy Hilfiger Colorblock Polo, Paired with rugged Levi’s Black Jean Jacket.  I like to pair these polos with a slim fit jean, or khaki but we are sadly out of those guys! If you're not into colorblock I added an extra vintage red striped polo for ya! 

Preppy fashion is - on the sly - always in, especially in korea. The only difference is everything is oversized. Cop this vintage Woolrich Red Knit sweater, and pair it with a pair of John Varatos dress pants and if you feel like stepping out of the box complete your fit with a pair of converse. No not dress shoes or something classy, but fun! 

Recently the nation has seen a cold spike, If you’ve seen the memes you know. Which means a basic jacket and hat combo is probably refreshing for most of you. This vintage Patagonia Fleece with a Neff red and Black cap is a must. Pair with a black T, like this Adidas trefoil basic, and some white Fila Kicks. We have a solid Zara Jean that you can wear with this. 

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