The Club's Choice: Power Polo

The Club's Choice: Power Polo

I used to despise Polos. The Polo has an interesting history in American culture, and for my generation the popped collar and wearing five collars at once was a huge trend. I still don’t understand why anyone thinks wearing more than one polo at a time is cute, but now I’m not bothered by them being popped. It's your choice. Most fashionistas probably don't know the origins of this basic shirt started with the game Polo that was played in India, stripes and all. I Just remember it being a huge deal for 15 yr old boys in high school. We love Polos at The Club  and the ones we curate here are high quality. Some clothes wear throughout the years but the Polo has stood the test of time. Check out our premium picks to carry your fits in the fall season. 

I know you men love your clean color palettes and that goes for the risk taker as well as the sweats kind-of-guy. Keeping it clean on the top leaves your outfit options dynamic. That means a single color like this Nike Dri-Fit Black Polo is an obvious choice. If black is not your style try this Countess Mara burnt orange Polo fitted with a beige collar.I like this shirt because it’s fitted and gives off a classic hollywood style. Pair this with some fitted dress khakis and a pair of loafers. 

Ralph Lauren is the Polo aficionado. They have fostered their Polo game for many moons and have consistently found new ways to embrace their classic color scheme. Check this Pony Logo Custom Fit Top. It’s all in the shoulders. Obviously we are in an October kind of mood and this unique Solid Orange Ralph Lauren polo is dope. 

Unleash your inner sports demon with these stylish bold polos. The sports kid in you needs a little fashion adventure and if you're living post couch comfort and need a wardrobe to match then we have a little something for you. Pick up this mustard lightweight Nike United Ballers Polo. It's built for sweat and for comfort. We love primary colors at The Club and we have a deep appreciation for the color red. Adidas Red Wisconsin Badgers Polo. The geometric sleeve shapes give it a unique vibe.
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