Denim Daze: Unraveling The Perfect Pair of Jeans

Denim Daze: Unraveling The Perfect Pair of Jeans

If you're over the season of baring legs, wearing bikinis and ready to jump into a pair of thick jeans luckily we are past the peak of summer. It’s nearly the time to neatly hang your summer attire and bring out all those fall goodies hidden in the back of your closet. Jeans offer so much versatility and are an essential item in every fashion lover’s arsenal. But are you feeling bored with the same old graphic t and boyfriend jeans? You can have a thousand pairs in your closet but if you wear them all with a v neck…. Where is the fun in that? We have just the solution for you! Read on for some unique ways to stay trendy and revamp your jean go-to styles. 

Although we abide by the “wear what you want rule” at The Club, it’s no secret certain jean styles are better equipped to show off your figure than others. Know your body type. If you need a little help, just read our guide to finding your body shape. You’ll get the 411 on rectangle and pear shaped bodies and what’s the difference. Once you’ve checked that out you’ll already have a better understanding of how to dress up (or down) any pair of jeans. 

Jean on Jean: 

Girl you can never go wrong with some denim on denim action. Whether you're channeling your inner cowgirl or inner dark self, rocking a jean jacket with a solid pair of high waisted skinny jeans is a 10 out of 10 outfit always! Pop a tank under for those hot days and tie your jacket around your waist. Or pair with a simple hoodie for a more streetwear style. 


Heels make a difference. It doesn’t matter if you're wearing a wedge, pumps or you're sporting a pair of bell bottoms. Having a heel completely changes your look. If you're going for a wow factor to add to your basic t and jean life, replace those Converse or sneakers with something more edgy. Go for a chunky short heel with an v-shaped toe if you're taking a walk to your local coffee hangout, or step out in a pair of stilettos for a casual business lunch. You don’t have to give up your cozy cotton t, in fact a pair of heels elevates your minimalist style. 


Another bold yet simple jean upscale is adding a blazer to complete your ensemble. Blazers are trendy year round and versatile lifesavers when you need to dress for all sorts of occasions in a hurry. Cuff your jeans at the bottom for a “I care but not too much” vibe that adds another layer of style to your outfit. Opt out of wearing oversized bell bottom jeans with blazers as the two styles can clash. 

Oversized sweaters: 

This is a never ending fall fashion trend and there are so many ways one sweater can be worn over the same old jeans! For the tall and limber ladies of the world, show off your length by donning an oversized sweater (mid-length) paired with a bootcut jean. For the bold and daring shorties of the world we recommend you rock those high waisted mom jeans with an oversized crop top knit sweater. 

Blue is basic: 

Spice up your jean game by getting a variety of shades. If you're not that into the purple jean life, at least opt for white. Although they are hard to keep clean white jeans are the perfect classy elevation your closet needs. If you're a ride or die dark jean condissour then dress up your other elements with a pop of color. A matching jacket and shoe combo, or something more subtle like matching makeup and accessories. 

Accessories are key: 

Speaking of accessories, don't forget them. A few cute rings and a bracelet go a long way when it comes to jeans. If you're gonna go the extra mile, get an eye -catching belt to not only accentuate your hips and thighs but to make you feel good. 

Comment below and let us know how you styled your jeans and what tips worked for you. 

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