How to Dress For Your Shape

How to Dress For Your Shape

In our previous blog we simplified body types and how to identify yours. This week we tackle what to wear now that you’ve established a figure. Sometimes our fashion choices exceed the limitations of our body. For example a pear shaped body wearing bell bottom pants does not produce the same look on a less bottom heavy shape. Of course we promote fashion individuality for all but we are humbly offering some tips we’ve picked up on our fashion travels.


Pear Shaped: Since we’re already remarking on pear shaped gals, let's start there. Go for the skinny jeans to accentuate your cute sculpted calves and share those beautiful shoulders with the world. In the summer reach for the high wasted shorts. Nothing accentuates your booty more than highlighting your slim waist. Flaunt them with a strapless dress, strapless shirt or something sleeveless. Your lower half, arms and slim waist are your weapons and whether your dressing to impress or just want to feel good keep that in mind.

Hourglass: You already know that your midsection is to die for, so don those bodycon dresses. If you're not on the bold side of fashion opt for the tight T’s and hip hugger jeans because you’ll wow. If you’ve got this sought-after body type then live it to the max.

Apple: Apple shaped ladies it’s time for your bust to shine in a plunging v-neck or A-line dress. Apart from your amazing bust, you’ve got a great set of legs so flaunt it. Pull out those skirts and shorts. Wearing skinny jeans or leggings might not be the best option as they tend to make your legs look smaller.

Rectangle: Lucky for you clothes are on your side. Depending on the moment’s mood, you're able to look great in both an oversized or form fitting outfit. Clothes that are comfy or oversized help distribute an even look on your body. If you're looking for something more tailored and casual look for jeans and blouses that are tighter around your hips and midsection.

Inverted Pyramid: Your body is great for basically all clothes. You’ve got the legs for dresses and jeans preferably flare. But before you reach for that vintage shoulder padded blazer you might want to re-evaluate. Do I want to emphasize my shoulders today? Although your body is likely to look good in anything, your shoulders can get a little domineering. There are a bunch of tricks you can use in order to let some of your other features shine aside from your shoulders. Wearing neutral colors or loose typed fabrics are a way to mask the shoulder area. A nice v or plunging neckline will also divert attention. Opt for those opposite striped shirts with sleeves or cutoffs, try to avoid sleeveless. You want to create the illusion of an equal figure so go for those flare jeans and long skirts. If you are feeling a little summertime sunshine is needed, go for the dresses that.

Tune in next week for some more advice from your favorite sustainable fashion source.

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