The Club's Choice: What to wear to Turkey dinner

The Club's Choice: What to wear to Turkey dinner

I don’t know about you guys but I am way too excited to eat my grammies famous homemade cranberry sauce. It's not like the gelatinous, heart attack inducing canned deliciousness that we used to have. No hate on that stuff, it's delicious, but nothing compared to the home cooking that we are used to. Most of my family's events are mainly a small select gathering of the people I love. So no complications there. We don’t really have the holiday stress of the in-laws either. Or that one annoying family (or family member) you wish wouldn’t come ready to spill all the chisme. Are you having any family gatherings? Hopefully you're not getting together with your whole family in these unsafe times. Every Mexican knows a “little” party is not actually a thing. Your aunty and uncle, their sisters, cousins, brother and the girlfriend's mother are automatically invited to the fiesta. It's just the way it is. For all you millennial homebodies, your living eh? I mean I’m living, but since I have money saved from the lack of spending this year this will probably be the only year where I’m excited to celebrate. I see my sisters everyday so it's not too much different from what we do every other day. I can’t tell you what to do but I would use this pandemic to milk the staying at home aspect. This should have been the year for me to do the Chinese Thanksgiving. I’ve always wanted to do Chinese food on Thanksgiving. This year I think I’ll make tamales for the festivities. There is nothing quite like getting your hands dirty in the masa and as you work the dough the kitchen warms with the scent of arbol and corn. It's really a treat to make tamales. It's time consuming and you have to have patience or your batch will be boo boo but it's worth the effort. Do you have any Thanksgiving traditions or recipes you will or will not be participating in this year? Comment below and let us know what a pandemic Thanksgiving looks like. Anyways no matter what you do, we always need a little something to wear. Look good, feel good is my motto guys. That can be dressing up or dressing down whatever makes you happy. Keep scrolling to check some of the fits we are thinking could make a great turkey day. 

Men, guys, it's your time to shine! If you're going for a timeless, maybe 90s-ish vibe this is for you. This Columbia gray sweater is must-grab. These Levi jeans are more for an effect than you eating all you want. 

This turtleneck Anna top is lightweight and leaves room for you to stuff yourself and even go back for more pie. If it's going to be a little crisp outside then you need a set of jeans that are roomy and mean the weather. These True Religion jeans are stylish and flare cut so you can hide some goodies under there. JK. 

This Woolrich button up flannel is pretty nice so maybe reserve this to the before and after eating phase of the evening, especially if you're a messy eater. Can you imagine spilling the wine, or in our case the chili cadeveh. Your clothes will not come back from it. Trust me. Keep the pants casual, jeans will do, 

This sweater is lowkey going overboard with the vintage vibes, but who are we kidding we love it anyways. This vintage L.L. Bean grandpa sweater is a chance to try something different. And to finish the fit off, pair it with these Lucky Brand, reminds me of The Rock in the 90s, jeans

The last offering is really a piece that can be zhoujed up so many ways. This MinkPink tunic is a solid dinner choice. It's a thick and loose tunic, long enough for no tights but also great to hide the belly with some leggings.  Pair with this comfy and casual Cejon scarf
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