The Club's Choice: Vamp Vibes and All Other Creatures of the Night

The Club's Choice: Vamp Vibes and All Other Creatures of the Night

*cue the song “Final Countdown” Last week we tackled all the witches of the world and today we are giving you some last minute inspo for the creatures of the night, vampires and of course some other goods. I wanted to take a moment to say I’m really going to miss the Oct. 31 festivities. Trick or treating is at an all time, not happening moment, and Chipotle’s boo-rito they do every year also seems like it’s not happening. Alas it's all about the movies. I finally watched some new horror movies this month and I wasn’t prepared. I’m more of a classic Halloween horror fan. I watch all sorts of psychological thrillers and modern scary movies throughout the year but for Halloween I’m basic. My favs are the Halloween series, Scream, all the black and whites etc… The honor goes to this italian cult movie whose name is completely escaping me but all that I remember is the devastatingly beautiful makeup in the 70s. 70s makeup is where it's at!! Lets get started with the fits! 


First off, have you seen our instagram? We’ve been serving casual holiday looks and some more festive Halloween costume-esque looks but for this blog we will shake it up. When you're at home dishing out some candy to the few that will be out roaming the neighborhood think about going oh so 70s vintage. This psychedelic mod dress  with some yellow tights and coiffed hair is all you need. 

I live with a million people it seems, but that means no boring moments in life. I mean jst last week we turned our living room into a carnival showdown no joke. So if you're like me and going to be throwing a little stay at home shindig then lets get sexy. Nothing says sexy like a daring cape. This vintage, soft velvety Jessica McClintock cape. Its like shimmering purple in the light but pitch black everywhere else. There are two different kinds of slips for two different moods. One is a gorgeous vintage cream color and the other is a stark white. Pair with whatever kind of knee high boots you have for a classic look. 



This is literally the perfect outfit to carry you from Halloween to a more laid back fall style. Style your Theory Office dress pants with a casual sweater and even more casual shoes. Its all the rage overseas and its becoming more of a trend here as people dress up to stay home. I love this orange Looney Tunes Sweater and these polo slips. 

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