The Club's Choice: Uncle Jesse

The Club's Choice: Uncle Jesse

Do you find it funny how much celebrities can influence our fashion choices? I always think about this, especially when I see some musician or artist wearing something that appeals to me and I become obsessed. Obviously they are wearing thousand dollar shoes, but that doesn’t stop me from dreaming. Everyone is out for our wallets and I think we have come to the point of rationalizing it. Yeah, I splurge sometimes but mainly, I do something even better. Should I let you in on the secret? It’s actually really simple. I thrift. Ahha, you probably thought I was on some crazy inner circle type shiii, which I really am. Thriting isn’t just about saving money but you're also being eco-friendly and getting those unique vintage items that aren’t available in mainstream fashion. How does that relate to today’s choices? Well I thought it would be fun to curate some fits that are inspired by iconic fashion moments from decades past. Maybe I can help you channel your inner vintage-nista. My sister has recently been watching the spin-off show of Full House, Fuller House. That show blew up back then and this new version is also interesting, not to mention the hilarious stories that have accompanied each of the cast members. I feel inspired to share some good old outfits from this iconic show. Remember that hunk Uncle Jesse? Who didn’t swoon over his dreamy eyes and tight jeans. Well think of this as a character study, what would your vintage closet look like if the theme was Jesse? Keep on reading! 

Uncle Jesse is best known for his sexy vest, button up and black jeans. Check out this super cute St. John’s Collections Vest. It has these beautiful chili peppers that make the vest pop. Pair it with these slim fitting black We The Free Jeans and this polka-dot Saks Fifth button up. on’t forget to bust out that guitar and play a tune. 

Does anyone remember Jesse’s hat game… At the dinner table. He always had hat game. This red Hatco Bandana hat is sweet and oh so reminiscent of Jesse’s dinnertime talks. Pair it with some vintage Lee High Waist Mom jeans and this cute and comfy Abercrombie and Fitch Longsleeve

Uncle Jesse made the most hideous sweaters come alive and even wore the craziest button downs so in honor of this we present some audacious tops. This Levi’s Hipster sweater is actually pretty cool. Just like this vintage 90s Croquet Club neon sweater. Can you imagine? So cute. I’m a huge fan of button ups and weird designs so uncle Jesse is kind of my style icon in that sense. I love this vintage Southwest pattern button up

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