The Club's Choice: Truely Vintage finds

The Club's Choice: Truely Vintage finds

Would you consider yourself a master at finding vintage clothes? After some perspective, countless hours combing through Goodwill racks and a dedication to learning from the online vintage community, not even I can say that about myself. My eye has become trained to recognize clothes' value a little bit better which is great, but that also makes me wonder about Jess’ eye. It must be magnificent! She literally hunts for clothes 24/7. I'll have to ask her about it later. Hhhmmmm... If you haven't already read our blog that details how to live your best life when shopping for those vintage finds, then click here.  As we learn, we share so make sure to stay up to date. It's safe to say most novice or first-time resale shoppers might already know, mens suits are valuable, valuable real estate. I mean they literally look like new items, never worn and are fresh. It’s because they were built to last. Some suits have survived wars, pandemics, floods and every worst clothes situation possible. What fast fashion brand can you say makes clothes like that ehh? The year is coming to an end so I thought it would be fun to create some unique outfits based on some of the most interesting, odd and beautiful clothes we’ve acquitted in 2020. You all have bought a lot of those great items but we still have a few left. I had to totally narrow down the sweater list because I think every one of them is cute - where is the lie at? - but this isn't a sweater update. Here is a list of some of the most interesting, surprising, weird and valuable items that we’ve thrifted this year. Styling vintage isn’t just bag lady, or 80s vibes, you can truely come up with timeless outfits. Not to mention, clothes from the 90s are back and believe it or not, clothes from the 2000s can now be considered vintage. I feel oddly old and young at the same time. Relating? Anyone, please? 

This is an unintentional holiday combo but I could not let this blog go by without mentioning this Selena-inspired skirt. That's the kind of vibes that I got from it. It's just so Mexicana, I would buy it if I fit into it! Pair the Together Denim Skirt with this soft and fuzzy vintage Pendleton red button down. It’s literally a match made in heaven. 

I didn’t think Nascar would be an interest to me, seeing as Adam Driver in Lucky Logan is as close as I'm ever going to be to the track, but we got some wicked cool stuff in. Check out this Vintage Orange Allied Puffer Jacket. Literally so awesome and sporty. Ladies you can pair this with some fun heels and flare blue jeans for a day out. Don’t forget the hair swag and maybe a short silk scarf? Men, a pair of faded dark jeans and some sneakers will do this jacket justice. 

Now check out this vintage 50s looking bomber zip-up jacket. I feel like I'm back at the Cars area in DisneyLand. Mater, come give me a hand buddy! Definitely pair with some vintage Mom jeans and some vintage boots if you got em. We recommend these Doc Martens because they are so comfy and vintage industrial. 

Why we still have these is beyond me. The mango tracksuit is wicked and so are these MC hammer Roffe Track pants. I remember when I first saw both of these and I was like damn, someone is going to be rocking these down Broadway. What I’m most surprised about is the fact that Woolrich even makes clothes like that. Correct me if i’m wrong but aren’t they usually in the warm and fuzzy business? It is wayy to cold to be wearing this but I have to include it because, why not. Save up for next summer right? Just pair this cute vintage cutout yellow suit with some black sandals and your good to go.
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