The Club's Choice: Transition Dresses

The Club's Choice: Transition Dresses

I have a confession, it's mid Aug. and I’m already putting up my Halloween decor. I don’t care if it's early, or if it's bad taste to do this, I love Fall and especially the spooky decorations so it’s starting now. It reminds me of last year when we put up the tree before Thanksgiving and I am here for it. Fall is such a great time, mainly because of the pumpkin spice and the orange leaves that are going to fall in my yard. In the mornings I can’t wait to ditch my morning fruit drink for warm coffee and a baked good. Yes, I can hear my summer body screaming from all the sugars and fat that come with eating all the delicious carb heavy pastas, soups and cakes that keep me warm. As excited as I am for Fall, the latter half of the year is so confusing for me when it comes to fashion. I never know if I’m dressing warm enough for the weather or if I’m wearing too little. Since we are coming up in September and Denver’s evenings have been cooling down tremendously I thought it would be fun to style some of our dresses that I consider perfect to wear in this in between weather we’ve been seeing. If you're an anti-pants fashionista this is a blog for you. 

Let's get started. There is something classic about a collared dress. It's like why do you need accessories when you have a statement happening anyways. I also love transitioning from summer colors to darker and more muted fall colors. Although come to think of it, many of you liked to wear mute colors all year round in 2021, I see you, hmmm. Anyways I’m pulling all my neon gear out of the closet and instead swapping it with my wine tops and black outfits. First dress is this maxi wine colored shirt dress. You can pair with white sneakers and a jean jacket or a warm flannel for more style. It has the summer sporty vibes with the cut and breathable fabric but the color is great for September. 

If you're looking for those more fall shirt dress vibes, or something more classy and less sporty these two dresses are for you. I love a good maxi shirt dress because it reminds me of the 1940s. Everyone wore these dresses and accompanied them with a nice pair of heels. This faded red vintage linen dress gives me 1940s vibes. Dita Von Tess approved? If you're on the shorter side and want something more form fitting but you want this style we are coming in clutch we have the shorter muted version with this Evan Piccone shirt dress. This dress is giving me a certain vibe, but can you guess what it is? Let me know in the comment section. If you're bold, combat boots, if you're not bold, normal shoes. *Laughing on the inside* 

A nice matte green with soft fabric is a mood. I love this philosophy dress because it feels like you're in the most luxurious bathrobe ever. I like that you can wear the sleeves or you can pull them down. Jean Jacket and a stunning pair of pumps if you want! 

To end this summer/fall dress blog and in lieu of Halloween, this vintage dark purple velvet dress is perfect. Who doesn’t love purple, a soft fabric and a short dress to show off their legs. I do and if you try on this dress so will you. The combat boots we get in for the women fly off the shelves so sadly we don't have boots to show you to pair. Keep on alert! If you’ve liked any of these outfit inspos or recreate these outfits tag us on instagram @Threadedsocialclub and let us know in the comments. 

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