The Club's Choice: The Final Poolside Party

The Club's Choice: The Final Poolside Party

So It's about that time of the month where some of us will continue to lounge in the summer sun and those who begin to wind down. Just last week Colorado was still in the 90s, so wherever you are, I’m sure you're leaning toward the first. I Feel slightly jipped because my summer fun was obviously not up to par this year. I am slowly easing into more outdoor activities and testing the pandemic waters. Heck, I’m even doing more yard work just to be outside.Once winter or any sort of colder weather hits, I’m sure we will see new restrictions and new ways to avoid the rona. Till then, I’ll be soaking up the sun, Sangria in hand! Summer is winding down and with it come the last few chances of getting wet and tanning! Check out some poolside fashion! 

Technical this is a “workout” bodysuit but it serves as a swimsuit perfectly! And neon? Who can refuse! Pair this revealing number with these Free People mini shorts for a bold on the go look. 

Bathing suit cover ups are so convenient and saves our precious skin from becoming too burnt. This True Rock Tie Dye cover up is soft and stylist for a casual day kitty poolside or at the beach. Don’t forget your sunscreen. If you wanted to wear this out and aren’t feeling the dress vibe, tuck a corner into these cute Polo Jean Shorts

Yeah we don't recommend anyone visiting Florida anytime soon but if you're missing the rager’s on the beach, just rock this vintage Surf Style Miami Beach hat. Rock it with these wild vintage Eddie Bauer swim trunks

Nothing says going after the summer sun than yellow on yellow. This Nike Retro Sports tank matched with this vintage Polo Ralph Lauren Trunks screams hot sun fun! 

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