The Club's Choice: The Backyard Boogie

The Club's Choice: The Backyard Boogie

I recently discovered Mountain Dew’s latest soda flavor, Frost Bite. I’m usually a Coke person. There is nothing like washing down a plate of greasy carne asada tacos at the “meat” with a Coke. The slow burn that travels down my throat feels oddly satisfying. It's nostalgic and comforting. Can anyone relate? It's funny how a can of pop makes me miss the countless nights I would spend by the fire at friends houses during the backyard boogie. Or the cookout, or the kickback, whatever you like to call it. But for some reason Mountain Dew is taking a giant win recently. It's something new, just like this whole year. By now I would be knee deep in BBQ festivities Coke in hand. Instead I’m casually sipping a sugary blue beverage on my porch, mainly solo, but hey I’m not complaining. Luckily for me, my neighborhood is always lively and once the sun pushes past the Rockies most families are outside in their yards grillin’ and chillin’. We can’t come together, for obvious reasons but this new way of living is also becoming comforting. It might not be the backyard boogie but it's still a part of the summer fun. Sometimes I’m dressed like a bum, but most times I look good, mainly for myself. Makeup? Of course. Clothes? Simple, and by simple I mean jeans with a cuff and a bold graphic T. Shoes are important but since I’m at home a pair or chanclas or Burks will do. What are you guys wearing to the party? I’ve picked out some things.


Vintage Checkered Tank Top Made in USA 



&Denim H&M High Waist Wide Leg Ankle Jeans




Vintage 80's Single Stitch Delray Beach Party Animal T Shirt



J Brand Distressed Jean Shorts





Harley-Davidson Skull Pueblo CO Sleeveless T Shirt



Volcom Dark Khaki Shorts






Neff Black/Red Spellout Logo Streetwear Snapback Hat



Champion Black Lined Running Shorts 




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