The Club's Choice: That 90s Love

The Club's Choice: That 90s Love

First, off I’m slightly irritated but also happy that you guys have been buying up those overalls we’ve been getting in stock. I remember when they were poppin’ but that was in the 90s and I was just a kid. For most of you I’m sure you were living your best life in the 90s. Do you have a fav memory of your most fashionable self? I can think of a few, iconic moments *Cringing by myself* Just the other day I found a photobook of my childhood and honestly my apparel game was much stronger when my parents were dressing me. Or it could be that everything looks cuter on a baby. That's probably it… SMH.. I miss the velvet tops and the corduroy jeans. My favorite fabric if you didn’t know is Houndstooth tweed, and basically any kind of tweed. I love the Clueless look, especially the color suits. As more people get the vaccine and the country’s pace quickens now is the time to shop for all the goods! Retro, like we’ve been saying for almost a year now, is a trend that is not going away, at least for the foreseeable future. Remember that big haul I've mentioned almost every week? Well it's full of a bunch of vintage and retro goodies and as the weeks keep going I’m more excited than ever to show you what we have in store. 

The 90s dress phenomenon is great. I never thought paisley or multi print would make a return but it's at the doorstep. Yes, I hear you paisley print is more early 2000s but the cuts and strapless dresses are 90s cuts. Let me throw some 90s print-inspired outfits at you. 

For the first fit, I’m channeling my inner Reese Witherspoon in Fear (yummy Mark Walberg, boo to his abusive and nasty character). Take this totally grunge Y2K midi dress and pair with some white socks and your fav combat boots. For aesthetic wrap this vintage 90s Nautica button up around your waist. For all the ladies out there looking for less grunge and more Cher in Clueless, then this next outfit is for you. 

This cute mini flower print skirt by and this soft and fluffy Lulu’s Cream top. If you have a pair of loafers then those are your go-to musts! But if you're not willing to rock the loafer these pink slippers  are a happy medium. Or go with a basic pair of white tennis shoes, think... Dirty Dancing. 

If you're into channeling your inner witch, these Craft inspired outfits are for you. Our bad babe Naomi Campbell’s bonnie discovers her sexuality when she no longer has all those burn marks. She is the epitome of babe. Channel your inner prep school baddie with this 2 piece tahini suit

If you're a fan, like me, of Nancy then black is your best friend. Although we don’t carry much jewellery I recommend layering as much silver over this beautiful and soft vintage Y2K Ana Sui Black Sleeveless dress.
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