The Club's Choice: Special Autumn Preview

The Club's Choice: Special Autumn Preview

The spooky season is upon us people! My Insta feed is full of #Drawlloween challenges, everyone’s seasonal decor and yes, the occasional pumpkin spice latte. The bright orange and muted yellows remind me of eating Atole and Abuelita con conchas in the morning. Yummy. When I look outside, the sun slowly gleams a rustic warm color as it rises above the plains. 

 Now some people are adamant about setting up for fall closer to the holidays, but why wait?! I choose to embrace the latter half of the year once I notice the leaves changing color, which is always around the first of September. It's still dead hot outside but the heat is quelled by the brisk wind that balances out the weather. Sometimes it feels like summer but if you stand in the shade it's best not to forget your sweater or a light jacket. This is my favorite time of the year, where nature gives us its last summer hooraw as it readies itself for the bitter months ahead. As I get older I prefer the summer season, but I can’t deny fall fashion is where my love of clothes began. I’m pretty sure I mentioned this before but I’m a basketball shorts and oversized T kind of summer gal, lowkey, low maintenance and at the same time effortlessly fashionable. When fall rolls through it's like I'm a brand new person. I channel Law Roach from “Legendary” and all of a sudden I’m “America’s Next Top Stylist.” I’m suddenly keen on layering and all my friends rush to me for fashion advice. It's best to note that if you're looking for ways to style your Fashion Nova finds then I'm not your go-to gal. I prefer to invest in high quality, sustainable, ethical brands that treat their workers with respect. Or invest in gently worn clothes. Like duh, The Club’s main mission is to recycle and be environmentally fashionable. I’m sure you're wondering what we have in store for the fall season,  and not to spoil your mood but you’ll have to wait. I must say we have quite a lot of fall/winter pieces that are a surprise, so today I’ll just give you a little preview. Check out some of our fall fashion to get you started in the season of amber and gold. 

I love a good turtleneck and a mute green is always a good color to pair with a light wash jean. I love this comfy and soft A.n.a Sweater and these Juicy Couture High Rise Flair

It's couples season so let's get together a matching outfit for your man. I love the light wash flare jeans simply because they are so 90s Victoria and David Beckam. This vintage L.L. Bean Grandpa Sweater is creamy and cool and matched with a dark-to-light Lucky Brand Flair jean is very trendy. 

Nothing makes me happier than a good old oversized sweater and a pair of leggings. Comfy? Yes please. This Vintage The Game Rockies Sweater is so warm and wonderful and these black Fabletics Lacy leggings are a must have for the fall. 

Like I mentioned above its all layers, layers, layers. This southwest inspired Silence + Noise Boho Cardigan is the perfect outfit topper. When it's slightly windy but warm enough for a tank and jeans, such as this NWT St. John Graphite Tank and Gap boyfriend jeans layer your cardigan and rock the day. 
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