The Club's Choice: Skirts, Skorts & Shirts

The Club's Choice: Skirts, Skorts & Shirts

I went into Walmart the other day and it finally hit me that people are really ditching the masks and hopefully getting the vaccine. About 60% were maskless and it was weird to see people’s mouths. I even saw some fashionistas strutting a bold lip, which if you don’t know is my second favorite makeup look aside from a bold eye. You know what else surprised me about the people in walmart? The amount of skirts everyone was wearing. But, When in doubt, skirt it out! I haven’t worn a skirt since 2019, I’ve been living in jogger land but my calves are looking great and the skirt is a perfect piece of cloth to bridge the pants and dress world so here we are. Yes you’ve guessed it. I have combed the bins, spent countless minutes bent over and on my knees looking for the best skirts to curate this list of cute ass outfits for you! Let's get into these cute outfits so you can look your best in this almost post COVID time. 

The 90s is and has always been in! Minus the obsession on the cinched waist and emphasis on long legs and it's pretty much an iconic era with so much rich fashion that we will be copying it for decades. Pair this vintage Guess jean skirt with your favorite crop top, I recommend accenting with this Velour Golden top. To finish off this retrofit, wear these cute Tommy Hilfiger platform wedge sandals

If you're more of the flowy skirt type then we have the styles you're looking for. My favorite flowy midi skirt combo includes a pair of Mary Jane Doc Martens and white socks. Pair this y2k Foral Rosy Skirt with a simple button down shirt like this vintage linen blend collar top. We don’t have any doc’ right now so the next best shoe style is these Big Buddha slip ons

I stand by this skirt because it is beautiful and worth every penny! If it was my size I would have already nabbed it. Pair this vintage Easel silk fur lined skirt with this Gap button up

Let us know if you re-create one of these outfits, tag us on instagram @threadedsocialclub and leave us a rating on site!

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