The Club's Choice: Simple Looks

The Club's Choice: Simple Looks

Keeping it simple can mean a lot of things. Simple for me is waking up at 6am, taking an hr to wake up and still spend another 2 in bed. Thats simple. Drinking a protein shake while driving to work is simple. Walking around a park for hours is simple. You know what I am wearing while I do these things? Something comfortable and something simple. Spring is one of my favorite seasons because of the versatility of fashion. You can dress in layers, for the heat, bring a sweater when it’s cold. I love it. Spring is all about mobility; you’re finally able to get moving and not die of cold or overheating. 

Jeans for April are a must and since denim is in season this spring pairing I thought it would be fun to re-create my own take on Kpop icon Jung Jaehyun of Nct’s recent Prada look for Esquire.  A nice basic jeans and jacket. Although I couldn’t find a collarless denim jacket, I did find this dope Levi's Jean Jacket, perfectly paired with a Vintage Stefano Jeans. perfect. Playing with silhouettes is also a major trend (check out our trends 2023 list here). 

A loose silhouette gives off a bohemian and chic vibe to any outfit. I love these Eileen Fisher Irish Linen Wide Leg Capri Pants - Women's Size XS pants paired with Loft Linen Blend Pinstrip Blazer - Women's Size 0. It’s beach season so you can definitely wear a bikini or swimsuit underneath this outfit too. 

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