The Club's Choice: Sexy, Minky and True

The Club's Choice: Sexy, Minky and True

It’s been a while since we’ve curated a few sexy and minky outfits for the ladies. We’ve had a few outfits lately that can be considered femine and sexy but like I said in a previous blog on this clothes topic, sexy is subjective and all up to personal opinion. What do you wear that makes you feel sexy? Anyone a fan of wearing nothing?! Just saying haha. Some women love to show skin and others feel sexy when they feel comfortable. In order to feel sexy you have to feel it. I’m just gonna say it, if your mental health and wellness is on point, so will your confidence and that in itself is sexy. That's why I believe that feeling sexy is 50% your mood and 50% the fit. Take for example one of my fav date night outfits. It's a simple dress/heels combo. I’ve worn this style of outfit on many dates, and yes I’m guilty of wearing the same dress/heels combo on multiple dates (with different people tho!) but sometimes it hits and sometimes its trash. I look the same. The dress hugs the right curves and I look good, but sometimes I’m just not feeling it. For me feeling sexy is more about feeling good and sometimes that's in a tight body shaping outfit or streetwear or even loungewear. Whatever your preferred style is, we can all agree that each look has to be complete, hair, face and shoes. That's when a fit makes its way into the sexy category. I used to feel this way about excessively taking pictures but I think it's super important to be aware and document the outfits and days out you feel the best. 

The first thing that comes to mind when we say sexy is skin. For the ladies who are dreaming of a night out at the bars this outfit is for you! Black is every girl's best friend. Black hides all your insecurities and leaves room to breath visually. Whereas white attracts the eye, black is gonna hide your gut 6 shots in! I love love love this 80s esque faux leather bodycon dress. Ohh it is gorgeous! No Joke, if I could make it work I would. I don’t have the but for such a bold outfit. Now if you're not an accessories gal, wear as is, you're stunning. But if you want to dress it up, or make it versatile pair it with this Trouve leather jacket. It almost sits as a mini jacket and it's very warm. Plus the gray tones are Black’s best friend. Denim Jackets are always a way to make something casual and if you want an easy transition from lunch date to a late night, pair your mini with this vintage Gaetano jean jacket

Skirts are another form of sexy and I don’t just mean the mini’s that almost bare ass. I know you know what I am seeing. I love this long Easel Silk skirt, and it 100% feels so soft and skin caressing that you will definitely feel sexy! The slit on the side is a nice peek-a-boo moment for the lower leg and if you just go casual and wear this vintage Gap linen shirt or pair with a slim fitting tank top. BTW have you seen all these Tik Tok’s that have these tank hacks? That's what you need to do to spice it up. This is casual and you don’t need to worry about what you wear. 

Continuing on the skirt trend, this cute little hip hugging Banana republic mini skirt may have a bold pattern but in this color scheme you can be sure your lower half is looking its best! I recommend wearing this during the day with a pair of flats, like these Buddha slip ons. For a more evening look pair with the modern looks for the more modern days of it.
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