The Club's Choice: Self Care

The Club's Choice: Self Care

I’m taking a quick moment to announce that In and Out has officially made moves to Colorado. Hands clasped because I now get to eat those animal style fries regularly! Ok, back on today’s regularly scheduled content. Are you the type of person to treat-yo-self. Come on you know what i’m talking about, that R&R, rest and revitalization? I find self care, mental health checks and keeping intune with your body to be one of the best things you can do for yourself. Corporate America is against us, the laborious hours spent reaching your American Dream, you getter carve out some time for that beautification and under eye treatment. If you're not into the whole spa shebang, or you can’t make a night of it, focus on a small treatment each time. A nail trim here, an eyebrow pluck there. Every effort counts. Whatever makes you feel better. Self care is watching that TV show you always wanted to, or sitting on the couch and doing absolutely nothing. Did you know that 67% of us take care of others before ourselves? Or that 51% of Americans feel burnt-out, no doubt exhausted. Just chill at home and relax while taking a look at some clothes that will help soothe your soul. 

First off, if you're a robe gal then sit in then undies and this Floral Robe and relax with a face mask and some incense. No need to pair this fit with anything else. 

If you're looking for comfort and hold after the shower these Zaggora Black Capri Pants are so soft yet durable that you’ll be able to meditate in comfort. Pair with this loose Champion tank top and let your arms breath. 

Fellas, you need these Reebok Blue Tracksuit pants and really you can do anything in these pants and pair with all your shirts. But of course here is our recommendation! This Neff Pineapple Shirt is a win. It’s comfy but stylish for when the pizza guy comes.
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