The Club's Choice: Picnic At The Park

The Club's Choice: Picnic At The Park

As you know by now, I keep talking about this Colorado heat because really what else is there to talk about? Most of us are still (hopefully) doing the bare minimum this Summer 2020. The full impact of the pandemic feels relatively far away now. Even though I haven’t been able to sit at a bar and drink a beer, or have a greasy piece of Fat Sully’s Pizza after a night out I am thankful to be sick free. I’m not going to lie though, there was a good chunk of time when I was on the verge of insanity. Staying home was frustrating! Months into this global crisis we finally have more info to guide our activities outside the home.  Which is why it's time to load the wicker basket with some goodies, get a good book, a close friend or two and head to the park. Social distancing? umm yess. Golden goddess weather? Hell yes. Now know what you're thinking, “Teresa I would rather stay in my AC insulated house” or “Sweaty pits and a red face are not cute girl!” I couldn’t agree more and yes, in 96 degree weather it’s like life or death out there. Luckily a great outfit that keeps you cool is a must for the uncompromising heat. Most importantly don’t forget to get yourself some sunscreen to protect against the sun’s penetrating rays! We recommend this bad boy.  It fits easily in your purse and no need to get your fingers dirty. Now onto the main event, here are some cute outfits to enjoy the outdoors!

A one piece is a lifesaver especially when it comes to the heat! This vintage romper is lightweight and airy. Pair this staple piece with a classic pair of Polo by Ralph Lauren slip on's for a more tomboy appeal. 


Summer is the season to bear it all! Linen is your friend and its a hot trend that resurfaces every summer. Sport this simple tank with a pair of comfy Polo jean shorts, a pair of Birks and a this maroon cross body bag to accompany you to the park.


For the gals sitting in the sun who are prone to turning pink instead of brown, a good layer of coverage is probably where your best bet outside. If your feeling nostalgic for the 80's and want to bring out your inner Molly Ringwald, this is the outfit for you. This form fitting Torrid skirt and a light button up with keep you cool and while keeping your protected. Plus a skirt is perfect for laying in a shaded, grassy area in the park. Get your walk on with these Tommy Hilfiger sneakers that are a great contrast with the skirt.

Anyone a fan of Andre Aciman's book, Call Me By Your Name? Guilty! It's a stunning novel set in 1980, Italy. The settings really came to life in the movie adaptation. Its easy to image walking during the sunset in the fields almost barefoot in a pair of vintage J. Crew Sandals caressing the lush grass, in this Champion muscle T and high waisted shorts. This outfit can easily be a picnic date go-to with your boo. 


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