The Club's Choice: #ootd Haunted Horrors

The Club's Choice: #ootd Haunted Horrors

Has anyone started creepin’ on the list of must watch horror movies for Halloween? There is nothing like little Michael Myers to cast a shadow of gloom on anyone's day. Maybe you're more psychological and love laying in bed twisted up in fear for 31 days… Ahh your right – that's a little much. Jess is not a fan of the frights but that doesn’t damper the October festivities. I’m sure I've taken over enough of that role for the both of us. This month’s madness seems to be in full swing and why not considering the spookfest consists of a zillion outdoor activities. For example, a classic, the corn maze. For those of us willing to wait in the lines and basically brave the cold for a little scare this is your magic time. I have yet to trek the distance but the month is still young. There really is nothing like shooting a couple of zombies (paintball guns people) as they race to eat your brains or lose all lung power from screaming. I don’t know what corn maze’s outside of Colorado look like, but the carnival-esque snacks alone are worth the 50 mile drive to the middle of nowhere. Sometimes me and my homies are weak thinking about the parking lot. Nothing is scarier than walking back to your car in the dark with that one weak ass light pretending to provide security to the hundreds of cars. Shit happens in the parking lot, if you’ve watched any horror movie you know someone always dies in the car. Ok, enough siking myself out, this week’s ootd, if you haven’t guessed is what to wear to the corn maze and activities of that ilk. Read on and enjoy. Let us know if we’ve inspired any outfits by tagging us on instagram. 

Flannel is apparently a must have during this time of the year, but for some reason it's particularly important to wear in October. My guess, grunge, which is one of the fall fashion trends you don't want to miss. If you're eager to learn more about that check out our main blog this friday! Ladies, you already know we love the color red. If you prefer a one top stop then this J. Crew Pullover Flannel is for you. It's warm and paired with these Vintage Wrangler Jeans you’ll be cozy and stylist. For all the ladies who prefer to layer this Torrid flannel button up is for you. Pair this with your fav sweater, our recommendation? This J.O.A green trench coat

I’m that fool that would totally be dressed to scare. For the men into Pennywise, you have a chance to get your paws on this yellow Cole Haan raincoat. It's not only insulated but your scare factor is 1000 percent. But if yellow is too bold then settle for something more universal. I’m not joking, if you're in the midwest, or anywhere south of Colorado it's cold at night. That temp drops and you don’t want to be that dummy who is cold, like wet cold. Bleh. Take this Cripple Creek bomber jacket and thank me later. 

Last but not least, don’t forget a good pair of shoes. I don’t mean the fanciest ones you have I mean the most sturdy (for the mud) and ones you can run your ass off in. The guy with the chainsaw gives no F. He will cut you. I always take my janky pair of Nike’s that I don’t mind gettin dirty. But ladies these Fila Canvas boots are comfy too. If you really want your toes to stay warm and insulated these Tommy Hifiger boots are not only gray but totally “run from a murder” worthy.
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