The Club's Choice: New Year Budget Buys

The Club's Choice: New Year Budget Buys

How was your New Years everyone? Did you work, were you at home or did ya take a walk and visit the decorated houses? Some of the neighborhoods I walked through are decked out in Christmas décor still and I love it. Who says Christmas for 3 months is a bad thing? That is my favorite part of the end of year holidays, not the gifts or the hot chocolate but the houses. What are your favorite moments of the new year? 

Since we are officially in 2021 it all comes down to those New Year's Resolutions. Technically I didn’t make a list that magically started at the stroke of midnight. I did write down those key goals that I plan to continue in the new year, mainly mental health goals and saving money! At The Club we will carry on in our pursuit of the best vintage and resale clothes that you count on. Speaking of new stock, our sweater collection just keeps growing and they are all fabulous. Jess is obsessed with sweaters and it shows. Her sweater game is on point! By the way if you’ve made a purchase with us this holiday season then you’ve seen the crazy Christmas sweater cards we’ve been giving out. Send us a DM on the gram with your thoughts or any crazy holiday moments you had. I feel like it’s Christmas every week when Jess shows me what she found for you guys. I literally want to take everything home with me even if the clothes aren’t aligned with my fashion goals. Speaking of goals, what are your 2021 fashion resolutions and trends? By all means start this journey whenever, but if you're prone to wait for a big moment, the time is now. 2021 is here. Although I personally don’t have everything figured out, I've made some headway on goals and that is important. This applies for any goals, events or resolutions in your life, get your booty moving and stay consistent. Is your new year's resolution to change out some of your retired clothes and revamp your wardrobe? We wanted to bring you some awesome sustainable and affordable winter outfits for budgets of all kinds. Check out some fit combos for under 50. 

Most items we find are in great quality so we create the prices for pieces that are meant to last. Shopping resale can be expensive, but we got you. For those of us looking to spend under fifty on a new shirt and jean, check out these sets. 

There is something so sexy about 70s revival in the 2000s and it has since remained a cultural staple. Pair this cheers shirt ($21) with these Hudson Medium Wash Flare Leg Jeans ($24). For those cold days pair those jeans with this A.n.a green turtleneck with these cut slits in on the side 

We love basic T’s at The Club. They are universal and can be dressed up or down. Most of our shirts are $25 & below, so you're getting the best deal. Nab this orange Nautica T, and pair with these Nike Track bottoms

For the guys, here is a little taste of what we have in store for menswear. We know you got some khakis or dark slim fit jeans guys. Cop this satin red bomber and Fila white sneakers. If your going out (to grab that takeout) might as well do it in style.
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