The Club's Choice: Morning Magic

The Club's Choice: Morning Magic

Has anyone else fully embraced their inner pumpkin spice addict? Yeah me neither, but I gotta say an ice cold chai latte with Pumpkin Cream from Starbucks has been hitting the spot lately. Just the other morning the breeze wheezed through my kitchen window and instantly I knew I needed Fall in cup (my version at least). Now that I’m older I can appreciate that much needed morning ritual of coffee (in my case tea) and a little positive reinforcement to keep me going all day. Usually my morning routine consists of me waking up - late and scramming, no makeup, out the door. Bleh, COVID has kind of turned me into a bum. I’ve luckily been able to keep my mental health intact by remembering that those are not the elements of my personality that define me. But a new season is here and I’m happily waking up those extra 20 minutes to feel good and look good. So who is here for sweater season?! While I’m not completely on board for the full 10 layers and extra snow, I am here for the pride of the year, October A.k.A halloween. I like to dress a little spooky, bold and really, just on point. So I kind of wanted to share with y'all some almost fall (but technically fall) outfits to get you through this transition period. 

First off any outfit unequipped without a jean jacket is just wrong. If you don’t own one what have you been doing with your life? Check out this vintage Esprit jacket. It’s literally so damn comfortable and insulated. For the kinda cold days wear a tank or crop top with leggings. If the weather is taking a turn for the worst add a long sleeve button up like this Torrid plaid button up

This is the time of year to raid your man’s closet. He has all the oversized goods, but if you're rolling single or looking to buy under the guise of “it’s for you babe,” then this outfit is for you. This vintage Levi’s denim jacket paired with this faded flamingo pink hoodie combo is cute and simple. Pair it with some cutoff shorts, like these vintage Zena high-waisted shorts and flops or for a more put together look throw some sneaks on.

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