The Club's Choice: Merry Christmas Ugly Sweaters

The Club's Choice: Merry Christmas Ugly Sweaters

We all know those dastardly sweaters with the tinsels and fluff balls that were “so” in during the 80s. The worst thing is that your grandma totally believes that an itchy, dusty vintage sweater is hot tot, as I’m sure you already know. Christmas is here and it's time to pull those oldies but goodies out of the closet. While we have more cute and totally trendy sweaters versus those “uglier” ones, still check out these awesome outfits 

I didn’t know that I needed to see this but apparently I did. Damn this Icelandic Design Lama Sweater is so soft and it looks cool. Almost effortlessly classy, like crashing the white house christmas party but also, lounge on the couch with a beer vibe. Vintage, but not vintage. Ok enough love for the sweater. Dudes pair with jeans, how about these Zara straight legs are  a go. Ladies, these Levis skinny jeans are perfect. 

This is by far the best christmas sweater ever! Check out this neon blue Reindeer sweater Tell me not, this is a classy sweater! Pair it with the jeans just mentioned above. The blue makes this a statement sweater. Maybe the theme of this year is blue, I mean by decor for Christmas is blue so no surprise the sweaters making an appearance are leaning as such. This geometric sweater is literally something right off the runway. 

The point of this blog has all led up to this sweater! Nab this Feel The Christmas Ugly Sweater for all your holiday joy. Class it up with these St. John Graphite pants, super warm. Or you can just do a nice pair of skinnies to keep this sweater light. 

Let us know if you have any awesome sweater combos!

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