The Club's Choice: Mcbling

The Club's Choice: Mcbling

Paris Hilton is back y'all and “that's hot.” Stewing underground in the Tik Tok dungeon back in early 2020 was a subculture of Gen z-ers hitting thrift stores hard. They were searching for new trendy clothes and uncovered rhinestones, low rise jeans and silky tops. Like I mentioned in our blog about the Mcbling era, it's weird to think that this trend is already making a comeback considering the trend ended less than 14 years ago, not quite 20 years but close. The rise in paisley fashion right now is part alarming but also a welcome change. I remember vividly being a part of the culture, in a second hand Alexa Vega in “SleepOver” kind of way. My commitment to the pink lifestyle was nothing serious but definitely present. It was the Mcbling era that solidified my love for Fiddler caps and Bratz dolls. Also, I didn’t know this until after really delving into the early 2000s, but the Mcbling era was truly the beginning of the athleisure wear trends that are currently dominating the fashion landscape. Mind blown! 

I don’t know if I should feel happy or annoyed that all of our Juicy Couture track suits are sold out. We had some seriously awesome colors in stock, but keep up to date because we always get cool stuff in. If we don't have the infamous suits that defined an era, at least we have the jeans. Do you remember when wearing dresses and jeans was a thing? This outfit screams Hollywood Thrashcore near the end of its dying days. Pair these light wash vintage Juicy Couture jeans with this Dharma sundress. Complete the look with a strappy pair of block heel sandals. “That’s Hot.” 

Hollywood glam dolls Paris Hilton, and the rise of Mean Girls really defined the scope of Mcbling. Cardigans, skirts and t-shirts were reminiscent of the 90s but the bright color schemes and accessories set them apart. This is my own spin on the pink combos. Since its summer wear these high rise plaid shorts with this vintage Victoria’s Secret cami top. It will keep you cool and fresh. If (most likely) you're getting a cold front wherever you are then pair your stunning outfit with this Victoria Secret cardigan

All this pink and Barbie inspired fashion has me feeling slightly nauseous and excited so I thought it would be fun to come up with some Barbie themed outfits. Let it be known that Bratz are still better than barbie. Fight me. If Barbie was feeling extra bold and wanted to have her shining moment she would wow a part in this vintage pink slip paired with some lace heels and a huge pink fluffy boa to complete the look. 

Mcbling is bold, but post-COVID I think that's what we need. 

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