The Club's Choice: Mad Men

The Club's Choice: Mad Men

"You want respect? Go out and get it for yourself."


Can you guess where that line is from? I’ve never actually seen Mad Men even though it was a widely popular show. I only know about the show because, you guessed it, the fashion. The 50s were an interesting time, it was just after WW2 and women were getting kicked off the workline and fashion was a part-time pastime for many women. The fifties is an interesting era for sunglasses, my personal favorite. The shape doesn’t look good on a round face but their iconic-ness has lasted and weaved into today’s collections. I thought it would be interesting to cull our stock and see if we had any goodies that are Mad Men inspired. 


Although the cut is more 90s-esque this cute green patterned skirt set is it. I really love the two top interchangeability on this one. You can pair it with some gold jewellery, a little bump in the hair and a pair of black flats. For some retro flare get a pair of vintage white sunglasses to cherry pick the outfit. 


The thing that I like about fifties fashion is the diversity in all the dress selections. Essentially the cut is practically the same but the patterns and fitted fashion of that era made for some pretty looks. This vintage Floral cottagore dress is funky but just enough to wear out and keep it classy. Since it's a bold move go ahead and let the dress shine no need to pair with something else. 

Guys this is for you! This bomber reminds me (oddly) of James Dean. It's not leather, it's not black but it is beautiful. Pair it with your favorite jean skinnies and a pair of black mods.

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