The Club's Choice: Gym Time

The Club's Choice: Gym Time

Man, 2020 was supposed to be my hot girl summer moment, and honestly with how many people are going out these days it seems like some women are probably living my dream. But alas, I keep the outdoor exploring to a minimum and social distancing to a maximum. One thing I’m not willing to give up, and it seems half of the U.S. is with me, is physical fitness, or being active. I was more than happy to sit on the couch for a couple of hours and binge some TV when the outbreak first occurred here. Now like six almost seven months into this crisis all I want is a reason to exercise. Let me tell you, nothing is more nourishing than going for a midday run. Well, maybe a morning run – those are good too. If you're down with the heat, yes you’ll bake but the sweat that drips off your body will simultaneously cool you with the assistance of a light breeze. The mornings are chilly but a good jog will work up some body heat. Now is a great time to get active, whether that's a home workout, a trip to the mountains, or a good jog in the park. It may be because my timeline is full of people being active, or i’m still adjusting to COVID-19 approved activities but getting that blood pumping is a hell yes. The right shorts, bras and shirts make all the difference, check out some of the merch best fit for the fittest you. 

Men are simple. In the gym its a basic tank and comfort pants, or shorts some would say downright lounge-wear. Hey guys, you do you. It's obvious that men like to match. I don’t know if that's a conscious choice but let’s keep the trend going. This Champion set is made for comfort and style. Pair this basic Champion red print tank with a pair of gray cotton shorts. This outfit is perfect for a jog but also durable enough for a trip to the gym. 

The comfort of your feet is especially important during exercise. Have you ever tried to do leg day in a thick heel shoe? Yeah, no thanks. Nice and flat is just fine. Take a gander at these sneakers. Nothing makes me happier than a pair of sneakers that are versatile everyday shoes and perfect for the gym. Set your sites on these purple retro Reebok sneakers. If you're a devoted all-black style provocateur, these kicks will give your dark chic an edge. If you're a wear-whatever-to-the-gym type these Men’s Nike running shoes or Unisex vintage Burgundy Tommy Hilfiger are the ones for you. 

I once saw a runner with a vicious tan line from a shirt like this, but homegirl probably didn’t mind considering she seemed comfy. Plus sunscreen! Duh. And where can you go wrong with blue on your side? These Nike blue/black running shorts are sweat absorbent and form fitting at the top and matched with this GapFit Racerback top you're ready to roll. 

Some hardcore exercise enthusiasts don’t see yoga as a valid or valuable method of working out, but I can first hand state that it can kick my ass any day. A good weekly yoga routine helps balance the body and mind. I feel stretched and eager to start my days with a little yoga. This Nike sleeveless hoodie is lightweight and warm for your morning session on the patio and the same could be said for the Nike Yoga JoggersComplete this look with this NWT Lucy's yoga matte bag.  
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