The Club's Choice: Fishing

The Club's Choice: Fishing

Hi! Teresa here. I’m wondering if anyone fishes? I haven’t learned the value of such an activity, but i’m coming around to the idea that fishing isn't what I thought it was. I just remember having to untangle the line and sizzling in the heat. I heard fishing is a calming activity, if you do it right. Now that spending time at state parks and in the water seems like a feasible weekend option, fishing sounds, enticing. It's really important to protect your skin and if Colorado is any indicator, wear sunscreen. It's also important to stay cool so here are a few outfit ideas for the newly minted angler.


Adidas Vintage Light Blue Ringer T Shirt 


Tommy Hilfiger White Cargo Shorts





Milkcrate Athletics Tie Dye Bucket Hat 

New Era Colorado Rockies Digital Camo Fitted Hat   

Goorin Bros Small Olive Baseball Hat 





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