The Club's Choice: Father's Day Finds

The Club's Choice: Father's Day Finds

June is a busy summer month guys. There are a few birthdays to attend, possibly the backyard BBQ’s and lets not forget the pool parties. The pool parties are where it’s at. I can’t wait to indulge in a burnt brat fresh off the grill, covered in zesty mustard and a soft grilled bun. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. But aside from all the obvious summer activities we have planned this year, there is one (actually 2 for Colorado, we’ll get to that in another blog) that makes June very special. S/O to all the dads out there. There was this huge debate about dads when I was in high school. One side argued your biological dad was your dad, even if he wasn’t in your life. The other argued that whoever stepped up and is actively in your life is the person who earned the title dad. Can’t both be true? Personally I’m with the latter, your dad may not be blood but he is your dad.  Does anyone have special memories with their father? Is your dad still in your life? My dad rarely celebrates Father’s Day on the actual date and since we do special activities throughout the year, we are of the mind that it's ok to not get caught up in all the hype. We do acknowledge, and celebrate with a big meal and a gift or two but we aren’t the family that needs to go over the top with everything. Since Father’s Day is around the block I thought it would be a great idea to compile some gift ideas for you. Sometimes we don't have time to celebrate, can’t make it home or are procrastinators. Whatever your reason is, check out the gear we have for the dad in your life. guys love clothes just as much as women so getting them a TSC find is a must! 

My dad is a huge sports fan so anything sports related is right up his alley. He is a Chicago Bulls Fan, so in honor of that check out this Bulls outfit. Is it a little much to wear the hat and the jersey? Probably, so pair on separate days. This Deadstock jersey is airy and great for summer nights courtside. I personally think black jeans is where it’s at with this jersey so get him these unisex vintage Levi’s faded jeans. If he isn’t a jeans man or it's too hot for that, these Volcom Khakis are a lightweight option. 

Dad jokes are the best. I literally can't imagine what kind of dad would say these jokes and it makes me laugh even more. If your dad is basic and into t’s and sweats then this is the outfit for him. We have a ton of t-shirts, just click on the site and browse through. I only chose this Tommy Bahama t because it was beer related. I’ve yet to meet a dad who doesn’t like beer! Match the bottom with these Reebok 

I love  vintage Tommy Hilfiger so I made a  little outfit to remind all the hot dads from the 90s what they used to wear. It's weird how everyone in the 90s was literally so photogenic, it's probably because everything was shot on film. This sleeveless TH shirt is perfect for summer. Pair the top with these vintage TH jean shorts. I recommend rounding out this fit with a pair of white kicks, like these Fila sneakers, but feel free to pair with some chanclas or another pair or shoes. 

 If your dad is bold enough, cop the bucket hat trend for this next Tommy outfit. If you're going to the beach and it's as hot as it is right now, 90 degree weather, you're gonna need these white cargo shorts to keep your dad sane. And for the top, let's get tropical and blue, with this tommy Floral button-up.
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