The Club's Choice: Fall into Fall

The Club's Choice: Fall into Fall

I was wondering how long we were going to get by with the trees at full bloom. I totally think the seasons are shifting so that explains why we had a green and lucious tree till mid October. October used to be the month for raking lawns and getting dollas! Sadly I haven’t made a profit from yard raking in over 10 years. Last year was all yard work and yelling at the neighbors to rake their leaves out of my yard. My backyard is one of the biggest in the neighborhood which sounds fab but not when all your surrounding neighbors’ trees are basically hanging in your yard. Front and back (how is that even possible). Leaf raking is an all day affair at my house. For the most part it's a back breaking (kidding) chore but if I work leisurely and relaxed it's actually a great pastime. Especially this year. I love feeling the sun glint off my back and TMI time, but I love to sweat. I’m not talking about being drenched with bodily liquids, I’m referring to the light wet beads all throughout your body that keep you chilled when the winter wind decides to make itself known. It's weird how you can be simultaneously hot and cold while doing anything. That’s why fall and spring seasons are some of the best seasons imo. Plus I attribute much of my weather happiness to Colorado where the weather really has a mind of its own. We don’t live on either coast so no stark weather for us!! Now that you're in the right mindset, let's get started with some gear to get you going. Nothing feels better than having something smart to wear doing manual labor. 

Ladies this is not the season for the booty shorts and tanks. If you don’t mind freezing then I guess that's acceptable but there is no need to sacrifice comfort for fashion. Especially not when these little goodies are the middle ground. 

When you hear Skechers some people cringe but we know the truth. They have some of the softest and therapedic clothes and shoes in the game! These soft gray Skechers Joggers are perfect for moving around. We like the baggy “this is my man’s” shirts, so you know, this Looney Tunes t- shit is a yes. Plus matching monotone colors! Get a scrunchie and tie the back so you can work in style. 

For men, get yourself motivated with these Reebok blue track pants. Bare your dukes in this badass Harley Davidson cutoff or coverup for the weather in this long sleeve Starter Missouri Tigers T.



Last but not least is a versatile outfit. I bet you're gonna wear this and go straight back to the couch because, yeah, laziness. This Champion Burgundy Sweater and Adidas Joggers. Now that you have some inspo let us know below what you got and what outfits you came up with. 

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