The Club's Choice: Couch Potato

The Club's Choice: Couch Potato

ecking out these days, I mean don’t get me started on all the new K-dramas I'm watching. Now that the unofficial start to the holiday season is over and Thanksgiving is around the block that means the dreaded holidays.  If you're a half-time homebody (or fulltime)  then you know the holidays are your worst nightmare. Although this year I’m doubting you'll be attending seven parties every weekend I’m sure you have some sort of plan. If you are going full holiday craze just know I’m giving you and everyone you're about to be around a vicious side eye. If you know you know. But that aside, let's play cozy once again. Here are some stay on the couch outfits from some of the latest items we have in stock. 


Check this vintage Logo 7 Chicago Bears Long sleeve fellas. It’s warm and practical. So are these Vintage Nike Track Pants. If you're gonna step outside, it's best to complete the fit wearing this oversized Cremieux jacket

I’m not a fan of the Pink, pun intended but this Long sleeve shirt is vibes. For all the victoria secret lovers out there you know the clothes are pricey but worth it. Especially when you wear it with these slouchy and totally soft Reebok Joggers

Lastly lets get a unisex outfit going for the couples, for the women obsessed with menswear, and because we can. Take your pic of these Nike Blue/White Retro track pants or these Black Retro ones. Both are meant for support. Both match well with this Vintage Tommy Hilfiger sweater. Enjoy. 

Let us know if any of these fits make it in your box.

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