The Club's Choice: Capture Hearts Cupid

The Club's Choice: Capture Hearts Cupid

Valentine's day is a few weeks away and from what i’ve seen with the 2020 holiday season, everyone is starting early and de-camping late. Which means we’ve been thinking about chocolate roses and mushy films since mid January. We might even ride out the festivities till march. Although the holiday should be an additional moment for you to celebrate your loved ones and significant other, I always loved the holiday more when I was in school. Nowadays kids either don’t care at all, or feel way too much pressure (thanks social media), but when I was a kid it was all about the cool cards, the time spent in class decorating and the candy. Really it was about the candy! I walked away with a filled brown paper bag. Although I have siblings and family with kids who I help shop and decorate for their own things its not the same. I loved wandering down the valentines isles at the store searching every shelf for the coveted ninja turtles pack or some new holographic style that everyone wanted to give. There is a certain level of respect when you hand a kid a card you know they’ll love. It's even better if you're the cool kid who has the card and the candy! That was me. Did anyone give chocolates to their teachers? I can’t say I was a teacher's pet but I went the extra mile to give a little sum sum special to the teachers who would turn up to my level. 

 If you're looking for even more outfits for date night in, or a safe social distancing picnic in the park (not looking at you New York, it's too cold to go outside right now) then let's get into the outfits. 

The Comfy Couple 

Streetwear casual is very in right now, especially since you might not have many food options open where you’re at. Keep it simple and light with the clothes. Ladies we know we love to cozy up in our man’s clothes so this outfit is interchangeable. Shirts might be a little roomy but thats how we roll. B.U.M is an amazing vintage brand and we just got in this Dark Khaki t with cuffed sleeves. Pair it with either these holographic purple or Neon blue track pants. 


Cutesy gal

I’m really inspired by korean and Chinese TV shows. The girls are always wearing something oversized, slightly boyish and really cute. Cardigans like this Dreamers oversized dusty cardigan is a must. Pair with these cute light wash Dex ripped jeans. If you like pullover sweaters more we have a valentines day hoodie for you. This vintage whie and red sheep one will match your cute girl vibes. Wearing a cute headband or something in your hair with your loose curls is a must. Keep that makeup light but sensual. Shoes are going to make this outfit stand out depending on the look your going for. I would pair with some sneakers, maybe these Tommy Hilfiger 

Sexy girl

Here is another outfit for the ladies. This black romper is sleek, dips low and is perfect to upscale or dress down. Here are a few options for you to get classy, casual or fun. Pair with an orange Blazer. Its fun, bold enough for the holiday, yet it adds a sexy flair. 

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