The Club's Choice: Camping

The Club's Choice: Camping

This outfit is perfect for hitting a light trail through the mountains. This Woolrich Olive green shirt is not only festive but perfect to keep you cool during a hike. Pair with a khaki pair of pants like these Under Armour Outdoor Pants and a good pair of Merrell Tioga Sandals. 


Nothing is better than roasting marshmallows with Mickey! Pair this awesome black Mickey Mouse T with these cute durable vintage Lee Jean overalls


A good trek up-mountain starts with sturdy shoes and comfy Pants. These vintage black Fila Leggings paired with these Fila Canvas boots  will keep you relaxed. If your going out in the early morning or maybe a stroll during twilight hours, it's best to pair your outfit with a long sleeve to keep the bugs at bay. Maybe this thick yet lightweight Harley Davidson Long-sleeve will do. 




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