The Club's Choice: Blaziers

The Club's Choice: Blaziers

Lately I’ve been inspired by visionaries in South Korea who are obsessed with 90s and early 2000s revival. I’m seeing a lot of eclectic outfits and striking hair popping up in all parts of asia. Some fashion aggregators I follow are highlighting this trend but I know literally less than 5% of the population out there dresses like that. Once this underground movement becomes filtered and mainstream you’ll definitely be seeing these trends everywhere again. It's interesting seeing black leather jackets, platform sandals and flare jeans making a comeback but what I want to focus on is blazers, suits and how to style your grandpa’s clothes. 

It's interesting how Kdrama use fashion to emphasize character development and what is hot right now is turning business attire into casual wear. Last year the Netflix Kdrama, Record of Youth was praised for the shows casual yet elevated fashion and Tik Tok is going crazy for "Crashing Landing on you" and "What's Wrong With Secretary Kim." 

In a less chic and more earthy interpretation, pair these green oversized pants with a billowy white tank under this Escada Orange Blazer and finish off the outfit with these black Buddha slip-ons. Get fancy with your jewelry by wearing some hoop earrings or bracelets. 


Anyone feeling a certain way about this next outfit? Like maybe a scarf is missing? Anyways pair these Levi’s Jeans with this long Houndstooth Blazer and this cool Obey graphic t
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