The Club's Choice: Barcelona Carry Me Away

The Club's Choice: Barcelona Carry Me Away

I’m feeling a bit nostalgic these days. I started watching this Netflix series called Merli. Sapere Aude and it makes me simultaneously miss and fantasize about my college days. I didn’t attend a grand university with beautiful hallways and cheeky encounters with professors and friends everyday like in the show but I do remember my fashion. Spanish shows have a similar aura and presence which is why Merli reminds me of La Casa de Papel (Money Heist). I like to watch Spanish TV because it’s romantic, sexy, somehow real and very unattainable. Today’s blog revolves around my fav characters from from of my favorite Spanish shows. 


My favorite character in terms of fashion is Minerva Picotti. She has a spunky fashion sense that matches her hair and quippy attitude. She is so 80s and I love it. If she wore Madonna style gloves I might die. Her sloppy kohl eyeliner is a staple with any of her edgy 80s looks. 


Minerva has a certain level of freedom and fierceness, which is why this Dolman jacket, to some is outdated, but for her is a perfect accent piece to accompany this black pencil skirt. She is a simple T kind of gal, so finish off this black ensemble with a white pair of pointed ankle boots and a white t. 


Tokyo is a badass and she loves to wearing scandalous outfits. If there ever was a party girl who embodies a fiery short haired queen, it is Tokyo. That is why this 90s grunge mini skirt is a must! Choose a tank of your choice but I’ll provide a few layering options. If your into a cropped top then this wine red Liz Sport top is an option. Its slightly slouchy too. She is a combat boot chick to the end so any outfit must be completed with a pair of Docs. To continue the Tokyo love, check out the blue version of her infamous red dragon dress. This is a hell yes! 


Cable Girls is also a fav. Its all women, romance and revolution. I didn’t have a particular character that I want to curate, rather give you some of my fav dresses. For example this wash-red long dress is a hell yes! 

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