The Club's Choice: Acid Wash

The Club's Choice: Acid Wash

The 80s aren’t that bad, last week’s blog was a brief overview of Acid Wash, a horrible 80s trend having a refined comeback and this week’s blog is a look at Pretty in Pink’s iconic influence on fashion. We love the 80s around here, I mean Jess is an 80s baby and I was practically born in 1989. If you're inspired by the 80s but intimidated because that era was a bit much, just do it anyway. But listen to the following tips. The 80s was excessive, scale it back. Keep your 80s-esque to a minimum. Don’t mix the fish nets with the acid wash. You don’t have to do that! There is only one Madonna and you are not her! I love peeling back the layers (literally) of 80s outfits because everything is pretty basic until you start adding clothes. 

Although most of our acid wash stock is sold out, we have a few pieces left. Let’s style the remaining pieces multiple ways. 

Our Jordache stock is gone but the Stefano white denim wash jacket is still with us. This jacket is perfect for fall and for pairing with so many fall outfits. If you're all about the black monochromatic look but want to branch out, pair your favs with it. I love these vintage levis silverthorne jeans.Mixing patterns tastefully is a yes for me, so I would like to wear this vintage Cassidy button up with those black jeans. I think we can all agree that shorts are still wearable for at least another month considering Colorado is still having 90 degree weather in SEPTEMBER! I like simple flared cuff black shorts like these Vintage Culotte shorts. I love a dramatic outfit and if yellow is your fall calling card then these Forever 21 corduroy skinny jeans/leggings are a must. 

Acid wash’s cousin, stone wash is just as pretty even if the process is different. Pair these vintage stone wash jeans with this Nike Ravens Jersey. You don’t have to be a Raven’s fan to wear their gear, if the fit fits, wear it. 

This pencil skirt is TIGHT! Literally this skirt is real denim, no stretch but it’s so cute! This skirt is high waisted and goes really well with a basic t or dress it up. I am going to do a no no and pair this skirt with a Billy Joel light acid wash t. Let us know below what your fav acid wash outfit combos are. Are you more a Hailey Bieber style or more of a Dua Lipa?

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