The Club's Choice: 80's Vintage

The Club's Choice: 80's Vintage

Although I was born in the 90s, for most of my life I felt like I was an 80s baby. That was a great time in pop culture and a fashion era that continues to inspire runway trends decades later. Generally speaking I feel like the 80s gets a bad rep when it comes to the fashion department. For sure sporting leg warmers over neon spandex has me laughing rather than in awe. Or the fact that every hair stylist was ok with giant masses of teased hair. I mean that much hairspray on a daily basis should be outlawed. But there are some memorable wardrobe moments. The 80s was a great decade for bold and courageous outfits and crazy hair. The mentality was “bigger is better.” Jordache was not available at Walmart, yet denim was literally everywhere and worn by my favorite stars, like Jennifer Connely and Lisa Bonet in The Cosby Show. Ren Mcormic was either in Champion sweats or sturdy denim when he was bustin a move in footloose and he looked damn good. Even though I’m definitely not brave enough to step out in a Dynasty inspired outfit we have some items that are adventurous and oh so 80s. Check out some of our fav trends including neon and oversized suits!

Check out this vintage Woolrich Neon Mango Tracksuit. Not only does it come with a dope sling bag, also lined in neon yellow, but it's a perfect multi purpose suit. The hood even has a compartment for storage just to change it up.


Animal House started in the 70s but its legacy lived well into the 80s. This neon yellow shirt is a must have. Complete your outfit with a pair of Rock and Republic Studded Shorts.

Power dressing was all the rage in the 80s and this vintage Tahari Arthur S. suit is a mood.

Summer fun starts with yellow. This vintage set is great for grocery shopping, a trip to the drive-in movies or just lounging around the house. 

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