The Club's Choice: 2021 Men's Streetwear

The Club's Choice: 2021 Men's Streetwear

We are back at it this week with an updated ootd for our fellas! If you tuned in last week then you know we are starting 2021 off with a budget friendly guide to buying used at The Club. It’s been a while since we dedicated some love to the men. Did you know that we started this biz selling street and sportswear for men? I know, we’ve come a long way. Obviously I’m not a man but I know a little something about what men like to wear. Some men dress for the occasion and some men prefer comfort. I mentioned this before but if we’ve learned anything in 2020 it's that comfort doesn’t mean compromising fashion. In the last five to ten years fashion culture has integrated trends like athleisure wear into the mainstream. Office casual now includes clothes that 15 or 20 years would be considered a no. That’s where we come in. At The Club we take a moment to appreciate the leisurewear for you guys.

I thought it would be cool to curate some outfits based on brands so first up is Fila. You might be seeing this brand pop up in the near future over on the main blog, so you heard it here first, BOLO. Everything we curate from this brand is in premium quality, it's checked and checked again for any signs of wear. We got you. To start this fit you need a basic polo T. The color scheme here is warm and the vibe is vintage-fresh. This green one works great with these vintage track pants. Complete the look with a pair of white sneakers, nice and rounded on the tip to peak out under the hem for an added touch. If it's a little breezy snatch this sports track jacket off the rack to keep you good. 

Polo Shirt: $25 

Track Jacket: $32 

Tracksuit Pants: $42

Sneakers: $38

Nike is one big all encompassing brand. Seriously, we find so many clothes that are Nike/athletes, Nike/musicians. That company partners with everyone to create something special. Even just wearing a Nike shirt or jeans has a certain clout or weight to it. For this fit I am recommending a mute color palette. You can create a ton of outfits with each of these items and together they work good. These Air Force joggers are a deep blue, so add a light top, this cream, patterned long sleeve for dimension. If you're a hats guy, then this basic black cap is a great way to finish off your look. 

Air Force Joggers: $40

Long Sleeve: $28

Nike Cap: $15

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