The Club's Choice

The Club's Choice

Obviously I’m into vintage and resale and most of my fashion life consists of statement pieces a-la goodwill’s 80s and 90s section – cue The Smiths’ “Meat is Murder. I recently parted with the best 80s winter coat that got me through college. Sadly, I don’t have a single picture in this coat, dumb right? But it was padded, knee length, gray and very mysterious. I had a Rogue-esque hairstyle to go with it just in bob form. I only bring this up because I’ve been listening to this argentinian band, Las Areas and its making the goth in me come back. If you're on the younger side of millennial then you definitely had an emo or goth phase. If you grew up in the 80s, like Bauhaus, cryptic lyrics, bad big hair, then you also know what I’m talking about. Last week I was excited about Kat Stratford’s skirt, that totally hot pink blouse and Bad Bunny, by way of J Balvin. I don’t know why I associate print button-ups with the 80s, maybe it's because of Molly Ringwald and Duckie or The Smiths and the UK scene.There is something great about clothes from your granny’s closet and this batch of clothes is definitely inspired by that.  

Duckie is the most welcoming character in Pretty & Pink and maybe that's why this spring outfit is inspired by him. He has a lot of colors and tones within his wardrobe but for the purposes of my inner Robert Smith, and love of color blocks the showstopper is this Vintage Button up paired with a black ripped pair of jeans. The cherry on top is the cuffed pant for me. We don’t carry a bunch of Jewelry but this is the kind of outfit that you want a bling’d out neck. I prefer a black long sleeve underneath but the 80s loved their turtlenecks so you could still be cool and pair with this with a yellow mustard Cable & Gauge turtleneck.


This beautiful Floral Grandma Blouse is so soft and I cannot stress how much if I will nab this if you don’t get your hands on it! I love it! You can wear a pair of leggings or stockings underneath these black vintage Kors shorts, otherwise get some combat boots or any Doc Martens because they literally will complete this outfit. A pair of creepers might be your best friend, but also if you can get a vintage pair of T.U.K shoes your solid. 

I am living for the resurgence of animal print. It’s been trendy in my eyes since we did the review of Wonder Woman 1984! Barbara’s outfits were so in. This vintage silk top screams boujee business meeting in a sushi shop. I am in love with syfy aesthetics and visuals from the 80s so imagine Blade Runner and Robocop vibes. This is really the vibe I'm going for this weekend. Now you can wear it with the black Faux-leather onesie or any of these shorts mentioned above. 

I love, love love this two piece outfit! It’s so cute and can work for multiple occasions. Pair it with something underneath but if your feeling Madonna vibes then go for a black bra and nothing else. Again, accessories are going to be your best friend. I recommend a black hat, some simple winged eyeliner and hand accessories. Check out our instagram for some great visuals to this blog. Leave some thoughts on clothes picks you want to see. 


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