The Club’s Choice: Last Minute Summer Buys

The Club’s Choice: Last Minute Summer Buys

Hmmm. The heat is not waning. I know this because as I head out the door this time of the year, I should be feeling the need to bring a light sweater. Since there are many wildfires burning right now and the sky is barely turning blue again, I’m sure that's why the cold front is delayed. Still I can’t help feeling a tinge of sadness when I think of the summer days fading. For fashion, I’m definitely a Winter/Fall kind of gal, but I enjoy the heat. Thankfully in Colorado - which I just learned is not considered a midwestern state - it is sunny at least 300 days of the year. I’ll hold on to that when the sun shines right after a snow storm when I'm freezing. Now that thriftCon is over and we aren’t in prep mode, it's time to enjoy the rest of the summer season. What I really love about this time of year is all the new clothes previews. I’m not an enthusiastic trendsetter or avid fashion shopper but that doesn’t stop me from keeping up with then, or if you're in LA a faithful addition to your heat season wardrobe.  current fad. Another thing I really love about this limbo state of the fashion industry is the sales! Many have already started swapping their shorts for jeans or at least added a layer. Which means all the goodies of the summer season need to be sold to make way for the winter haul. So welcome to this week’s blog, all the last minute summer buys. Sometimes we don’t even know we needed that cute halter top, or Chino pants. This is the perfect time to discover items for next season that pair well with your summer goodies and vice versa. Whatever the seasons may bring you don't want to be unprepared for winter one day and 80 degree weather then next. 


If you're still going to the beach then you know it's dead hot from the a.m. to dusk. It's good to hop out of the water and snuggle in something a little warmer although, maybe not a winter sweater. This Flax Linen Duster is the perfect cover-up to protect against the heat but also dense enough to keep you warm when the sun goes down. I also recommend this lightweight hooded Paper Crane Duster. It's seriously the best lightweight go-to!  If you want a hoodie, check out this Altar’d State Blush oversized tie sweater. 

The great thing about pant rompers is its versatility to be both a summer and winter outfit, depending on how you style it. Take this Urban Outfitters Linen Blend Jumpsuit. Wear it open and show off your toned arms or pair with this Obey Flannel Button Up for a more artsy and warm vibe. We also love pairing outfits with blazers. Have you checked out our blog on Blazers? This lightweight vintage Evan-Picone Blazer is a mute addition to your jumpsuit. 

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