The Club Choice: Witch Wear

The Club Choice: Witch Wear

As I woke up this morning there was an intense smell of roasted garlic. My eyes watered as I stomped to the kitchen and wondered to myself why would anyone be roasting such a pungent vegetable at this hour. It was at that moment I wished I had some magical power that would eliminate the smell and speed up the cooking process. Too damn bad. This isn't “The Craft” and I’m not Sabrina the teenage witch either. But speaking of witches and the occult, is anyone excited for our special halloween posts that we have created especially for you. There might be a little something for your inner daughter of darkness. It kind of sucks how limited we are this season via options to go out. Like a bar crawl, who heard of that? I’m sincerely wounded that my favorite time of the year (in a new decade nonetheless) is shaping up to be a damp cloth on a puddle of water. Is anyone else feeling this way. Well at least family and close friends can find somethings to do together, a little halloween party. Anyway, if you haven’t gotten the gist of today’s blog it's all about the witch vibes. The need to be extra sexy and scary yet bold is a must. So read on homies so you can catch those fall witch vibes. 

Nothing is sexier than lace and of the many supernatural shows out there, there is something to  be said about “The Vampire Diaries” oh-so-mid 2000s wardrobe. That show was filled with lace tops from all the ladies. Use your womanly prowess to rock this Free People sleeveless cape over a bralette and pair with dark wash Gap skinny jeans and strappy heels for an Elena-esque go-to look. TVD spin-off show The Originals has way more witchy vibes, set in the mysterious New Orleans. This show literally gave rise to the modern working witch. Get your hands on this pretty Francesca's boho top, these BCB booties and the more jewelry the better. 

Obviously Nancy from “The Craft” had the best outfits ever, she can be a little radical for the everyday witch. It was Sarah whose middle ground and somewhat modest attire that lent to the film’s balance. This striped Brooks Brother’s dress paired with this black Gap sweater is a must have. The biggest thing I love about the craft is all the fun layering of dresses. Here are some Sarah approved dresses that you can combine and have fun with. Layering a Pink duster over this Philosophy tent dress is perfect for a day out. For a night out this sexy Exclusively Misook dress and warm but sexy Brooks Brother Plaid Dress Jacket is a must. 

Nev Campbell’s character Bonnie always gave me hobo-witch vibes before she underwent her transformation. I love the Burton Mood navy jacket paired with this mustard sleeveless turtleneck. All you need is a white undershirt, some black stockings, a skirt and your all set.

Come back next week for a deeper dive into the vampire wear!

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