8/25 The Club's Choice: The Statement Piece

8/25 The Club's Choice: The Statement Piece

I’m guessing you’ve decided to tune in this week because you're a trailblazer scouring the webs for one-of-a-kind styles. Or maybe you're timidly trying to get out of your current clothes cycle and thought, judging by the title, this might help you out. Everyone has that go to item in their closet that turns an average outfit into a masterpiece. I’m curious, what is that for you? I don’t have anything outstanding for the summer months -- I’m a plain black shirt and shorts gal -- but I do have two decadent faux fur cropped jackets that literally make me feel like a million dollars. If i’m looking to wow I pull one of these out to complete any of my looks. When I think of my closet and the fashion industry, I always think about what bold or daring fashion looks like anyways? Is that a subjective term with no real solid definition? What if a basic short denim skirt is considered bold to some?  I’m sure I’m right when I say that “bold fashion” includes J Lo’s Iconic green Versace naked dress she wore to the 2000 Grammys. So maybe bold, daring, or outside-the-box fashion stirs buzz, and that's what it means. I believe there is a loose guideline for fashion, not rules, merely a little voice helping your fashion journey along. Clothes can be a coping mechanism or a way to free yourself. So if you're the type of person who feels bold in some wild outfit or maybe just a basic mini skirt or a simple dress is your “wow,” then roll with it. I like to think that some of my outfits are audacious but for some I’m barely scratching the surface. We’ve culled through our clothes and looked for some bold but everyday items that can take your basic outfit to the next level. Comment below and let us know what statement pieces are in your closet. 

Like I mentioned above, my jackets are my secret weapon which is why my fall fashion game is out of this world (to me, hehe). This vintage 90s colorblock jacket is the perfect oversized element for the minimalist who subscribes to basic black on black jeans and T. We’ve paired this jacket with these Prana Black Skinny Jeans. 

We are pro puffy shoulders at TSC. Check out this Vintage acid wash, denim, Stefano Trench Coat jacket! It’s a little intimidating and it's very heavy but it's a banger! This oversized black embellished denim jacket is so damn fun to wear. 

Jeans, as we already stated last week, are an essential part of your everyday wear. Check out these bold colors and patterns. 

Blue Prana Jeans

&Denim H&M Wide Ankle Jeans 

Vintage Red Guess Jeans 

Vintage Palmettos Jeans 

 Acid Wash Denim Jeans

Your go to top can be in the form of a shawl, cardigan or in this case this vintage Monteau Floral Kimono to dress up your outfit. If your mornings are fast paced or you really want to be low maintenance then swap your white v neck for a graphic - and we mean graphic - T. This Sublime concert T is pre-distressed and perfect for a grunge inspired outfit. 


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