Western Wear is a Style Here to Stay

Western Wear is a Style Here to Stay

Western wear is a popular fashion trend and has been for many decades. But why is Western wear is unlikely to go out of fashion anytime soon? Throughout this nations history we can reflect on this genres iconic fashion moments. Let’s take a deeper look at why western wear has been a fashion staple almost every year.

Western wear is most associated with cowboy boots and fringe jackets, but elements of this fashion genre incorporate much more. In the 19th century Wild West. It’s a timeless style that includes classic elements such as cowboy hats, boots, denim jeans, and blends many cultures such as Native American, Mexican and European styles. It’s a versatile style and we can see that in modern fashion with western wear being paired with trends such as y2k and brutist looks. WW’s iconic history is deeply rooted in American culture and often a symbol of strength, independence, and a rugged adventurous spirit. The iconic look was really born during the American frontier where the U.S’ bloody fight for land against natives and Mexico resulted in a blend of cultures. Although now the look of a cowboy is attributed to American culture it's important to note its dark history uprooting other cultures and their contributions to what we know consider an iconic and timeless style.

Fun fact, the original American version of the cowboy hat was actually a bowler hat, but hats worn by Mexican rancheros and vaqueros inspired the modern day cowboy hat.


Festival Season: 

Fast forward to today. While we do believe that high fashion and runway shows influence on the fashion industry is undeniable with the rise of social media and the internet, the way we digest fashion culture has changed. Many people are looking for fashion from influencers and through pictures on Instagram, Pinterest and watching TikToks. Can you guess where we’re going with this? Yup festival season is right now! 

 It’s Coachella time which means dessert daze starts for two weeks and everyone needs to pull out their wild Wild West side. It’s safe to say this festival is carrying that bohemian western wear trend on its back. Everyone has to pull out their fringiest jacket and cowboy boots, it’s a requirement at this point. Coachellas iconic fashion and celebrity culture is a place where many fashion items can go viral and western wear is among attendees go-to outfits. 

Western wear is a timeless style with a rich history and iconic symbolism, which has crossed cultural boundaries and continues to be highly functional which contribute to its popularity and ensure that it remains a fashionable choice for years to come.




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