Unpacking the Christmas Crazy: Cleaning out The Closet

Unpacking the Christmas Crazy: Cleaning out The Closet

Hi, its Christmas Eve! If you're Mexican than its basically Christmas, and if you don't celebrate on the 24th, then congrats on making it to this Friday. If your family is really going all out this holiday then you might be expecting all kinds of gifts that you weren't prepared for. The holidays are a wild time, full of unexpected gifts and memories both good and bad. If you know you're getting an updated closet then you might need some tips to help get you prepared for space. Here is our curated list to help jumpstart a better closet for 2022. 

Clean Out The Closet: 

It's best to start putting new things in once you've cleared the old stuff out. Start with three basic piles; donate, keep, throwing away. The keep piled should actually be separated into two piles once you're done sorting. If you know you must absolutely keep that cashmere sweater, but you will not be pulling it out of the closet this season, then store it away. It might come in handy down the line. This is a handy tip that is not only great for closet, but it works for each room in the house. 


Sort through the gifts: 

There is always that one aunt who either gets you a piece of clothing that is too small or not your style. usually you would keep it in the closet and let it sit there until you're ready to deal with it. This season, let's be proactive.  If you know it's not something you can keep, decided what to do with it immediately. 


Keep Up the Great Work: 

You did not just spend hours making your area look fabulous, just for it to get ruined. Find a system that works for you and make sure that your closet stays clean. For example get into the mindset of putting everything back where it goes. After a long day its easy to throw your jacket on the chair or on the closet floor but grab a hanger and hang it up. Not only does this save the integrity of your clothes, but also keeps you happy. 


End Goals:

Striving for organization does not translate to slaving away in the name of perfection, it means being happy in the space you've created. You don't need to make sure your closet is as perfect as the day you cleaned it out, thats completely unrealistic. We use our house everyday, and everyday it gets dirty so make mini goals and stay on track with them. 



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