TSC's Go-To Guide to Bra Care

TSC's Go-To Guide to Bra Care

Hot girl summer is here! Yes, bikini tops and shorts all week, especially because Denver is getting hit with that 90 degree weather and it's the time to be near naked at all times of the day. If you’re a little sensitive to the heat, you might not want to be out and instead stay in the coldest part of your house. For most of us, we have to work so yes, let’s suffer together. Unless you’re in AC. But even an air conditioned space won’t be enough to save you from the dreaded under boob sweat. Yes ladies, you know what I’m talking about and sadly it means we have to wash our bras way more. You might not even know it but there is a 100% chance that you’re not taking care of your bra so it can last years to come. Our boobs deserve to be nestled in something luxurious, that holds them and lets them breathe. Finding the right bra is something to treasure so this blog is a must for ladies! We are providing the ultimate tips, tricks and advice for you to have your bra be the best that it can be. Its time to start putting yourself first, so take that extra time to get yourself right.

Stop Washing in the Washing Machine

Have you ever had the dreaded bra that was stuck or tied to the agitator? Or worse stuck and ripped  in the corner? Many bras have been ruined that way, especially the sexy lingerie ones that come out of the washer looking dull and tore up. Why invest in a bra just for it to get ruined. Always give them a sink bath or a light hand wash. It’s not really much effort or work to keep your bras out of the washer. Just fill up the sink or a bucket with some hot soapy water and let it sit in there and shed all the funk. Lightly rinse it and you should be good. Now before you think about throwing your newly hand washed bra in the dryer, take a cue from the next tip. 

Avoid the dryer

Have you ever taken your bra out of the dryer and quickly put it on only to be burned by the underwire that is so close to tearing through the fabric that is practically burnt. If you’re in a hurry and you really need that bra all perked and ready to go we understand the need for the dryer. But if you're looking to protect your assets then the dryer is your enemy and you should protect your bra at all costs. The dryer fries your bra, literally. It sucks the life out of all clothes, dulls their appearance and shrinks the fabric. If you can, let it air dry and if you must throw it in the dryer for the least amount of time possible.  Don’t hang your bras by the straps, this will cause them to stretch and the point is to keep your bra’s nice shape. 

Vary your Bra

This rule of thumb is the same with shoes. Think about this logically, if you wear your favorite pair of she’s everyday then they are likely to wear out faster. Same with your bra, rotate them everyday or every other day so they can snap back and retain their shape faster. Let’s get nerdy for a second. Most bras these days are made out of elastic and cotton, which means wearing them everyday is definitely going to make them stretch prematurely. Have at least 3 bras on hand if you can. It will make a difference. 

Store them Properly & Know When to Say Goodbye

Folding your bras is a big no no. Place them out like if you were wearing it or hang them by the cup. Now this one is hard ladies, but bras need to be replaced too. We are all guilty of keeping that one bra from our teen years, but it does no good for your boobs to have a bra that helps them sag. There isn’t a timeline or general rule for how long you should keep a bra. If your taking the necessary steps to preserving its life then a couple of years should be fine 

A little help and security for your bra goes a long way! Keep up the great work and let us know if our tips helped you out. 

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