Tips for Plus Size Thrifting

Tips for Plus Size Thrifting

Thrifting is a huge industry and it has definitely been trending on Tik Tok within the last year. Decade wear is back, especially the 2000s and 90s and now we’ve seen some 80s inspired outfits too. Even trends of the late 2000s are popping up and it makes sense that thrifting is an important part of where consumers get their clothes. But why is it so hard for plus size thrifters to find clothes? It could be because of the competitive nature of thrifting and reselling, the mislabeling of vintage size items and the overall lack of vintage plus size options. Whatever it is here are our tips for finding the perfect thrifted outfit for you. 

Place your Trust in the Fit

Sometimes vintage size tags are not IT. The way the fashion industry classifies clothes and categorizes them is confusing and even as the industry is moving toward a broader range of cloth sizes you might find that a size 12 fits like a size 14. It’s best to try it on and be open to other size options available. 

Thrifting Stores Have A Plus Size Section

If you're wading through the bins at a goodwill warehouse or the clothes section in ARC, then you might stumble upon a plus size section dedicated to you. Ditch the sizes that you know aren’t going to fit and although you might be a size 18, start a couple sizes below you on the racks because like we mentioned above, size tags aren’t the best and you should try on that size 14 t-shirt that looks like it will fit. 

Flip your Thrift

Any plus size person knows that sometimes you have to make a little slit here or an adjustment there to make clothes work and look their best. This tip might be above the average shopper but plus size seamstresses this is for you. You might need to flip your thrift and make a new piece out of your gently used finds. 

Become a Regular 

It’s like becoming chummy with the one lady you see every morning at the Starbucks window, making some casual acquaintances that way they can give you the lowdown on the latest stock. 

Become a Plus Size Enthusiast

We didn’t know this but really it's common sense, especially since we’ve been to Thriftcon. There is a dedicated community that hosts these plus size events! That sounds fantastic right?! Do some googling and instagram following to stay up-to-date. There are so many plus size vintage boutiques popping up as well so check your area for one, or plan a trip all for you. 

Ditch The Buttons 

This might be a sore subject but really if you're plus size you’ve probably run into this problem anyways. Just leave it open. Not everything has to zip or button up and if you think someone is judging you, they probably aren’t. It's just you. 

Don’t Be Discouraged

This might seem like common sense but when you're shopping and feeling frustrated (or great) all rules go out the window. Don’t feel bad about finding nothing on your trip. Not everyday can be a winning day and that is ok.

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