Tips for Picking the Perfect Suit

Tips for Picking the Perfect Suit

Suits are important for all sorts of occasions and considering they are trendy as normal wear. Getting into the suit game is not an easy task, there are many colors and cuts that can really be overwhelming. Don’t worry we got you covered with this personalised guide to help you. First things first. What is a suit? It's a pair of trousers and blazer that are matching material. That’s important. The unspoken rule is don’t mix and match. A suit is a two piece thing. 

Know Your Size:
If you don’t know how to find your size or where to measure that’s ok. We have a guide for you here. Check it out and come back here. If you have taken this step out of the way then your stress level is going to stay low. When you shop off the rack, it's better to go in with an idea of what will look good. Since pandemic procedures are still in place, dressing rooms might not be available. 

Know The Occasion: 

If you're a newbie in the office looking to make an impression or going to a friend's wedding it's best to be clued in. You don’t want to outshine the groom, that’s all I am saying. Yikes, can you imagine? What a nightmare. If you know the occasion do a little pinterest searching for examples and inspiration. 

Usually anything black and blue is great for the office. Don’t opt for any patterns or something flashy that way you can get away with re-wearing easier. If it's a wedding, always go for simple and plain. But if you're not a basic kind of guy then find out the color scheme and low key play off of that. 

Pay Attention to Detail: 

Now that the scope of your suit is realized, get into the finer details. Suits are so customizable, even ones off the rack and in the thrift aisle. You can always replace the cuffs or add a pocket. For the tailor made fellas you will want to invest most of your time in creating the perfect look. Some things to think about: 

  • Fabric Type
    • Can you breathe? Will this crease too much? How much is this? 
  • Pattern 
    • Do I want something flashy like paisley or print? Would a simple pinstripe be better? Really do some research
  • Cut 
    • Lapels
      • Keep it in the middle 
        • Notched is the norm 
        • Wide can be great if done right 
    • Double Breasted: Just stick with the single breasted until you're a suit pro...  
    • Vents: We definitely didn’t know about this jacket before researching this blog, but it's actually an important part of the suit. The standard vent is one slit in the back of the suit near the bottom in the middle. If you want a European style vent, get your slitted on both sides of the suit jacket rather than the middle. 
  • Accessories
    • Do you need a vest? What shoes will look good? Are you going to wear a watch? What kind of cuffs do I want? How many buttons:
      • 2 Button suits are the norm. If you're a shorter guy you might want to opt for that 2-button blazer, it will give you length. 
      • 1 Button suits are basically a big no-no. It's very unconservative and in a corporate environment you might get shunned. If you are in an environment that is carefree, see if you can pull it off. 
      • 3 Button Suits: It's a little classier than the 2 button suit and built for a taller man, it will give you more shape. Be careful with this one because you might be dated. 
    • Shoes: If you don’t want to look like an amateur then make sure your shoes are a compliment accessory not trying to steal the show or being the loner friend. Don’t worry we’ve all done this. 
    • Cuffs: Yes or No? 
      • Cuffs are great for tall guys because the pants lay down nicely, but for shorter fellas it is not a great option. 

Check the Fit: 

If you're getting your suit tailor made then they’ve probably already briefed you on this step. You need to make sure your suit looks great and if you're buying it off the rack you might have to get it taken in. Plan for this. It’s an extra step but probably the most important. 

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