Tips and Tricks to Layering

Tips and Tricks to Layering

Summer is easier to layer because you either add a jacket or some accessories to your outfit and call it a day. It’s the sweaty season which means you want simple, lax and effortless. A basic top, paired with an oversized button up and shorts is a must have and probably your go-to. If you want to be dressy, grab a maxi dress and zhouj it up with a jean jacket or let the dress shine by itself. The appeal of winter fashion is the ability to layer and really play with outfits since you have to be warm and want to be fashionable. If you think there isn’t a science behind layering then you're wrong. 

If you're looking for something very in depth and specific to harsh winters or hiking in the winter then REI came out with this great guide on how to layer, which if you need tips for extreme. We will link it here. In a nutshell they stated:

To understand layering your clothing for outdoor activities, you need to know the function of each layer.” There are three layers that each serve a function to keep you warm and they are as follows:

  1. Base layer (underwear layer): wicks sweat off your skin
  2. Middle layer (insulating layer): retains body heat to protect you from the cold
  3. Outer layer (shell layer): shields you from wind and rain

REI states that even if you don’t need them all at the same time it's a great idea to pack all three. If you live in Colorado then this applies to you for more than one reason, if you know, you know. 

Layering is meant to keep you warm, but how do you make it look good? 

Colors: keep it simple, or go bold with a statement piece and plan accordingly. 

Fabrics: Mixing fabrics can become jumbled quickly so only keep to two maybe three fabric choices per outfit. This includes accessories and shoes. The exception is of course, creating a monotone/mute look where you have more room to play. For example wool knit and polyester 


Oversized: Play it extremely well. With skater jeans glittering social media like busy butterflies and casual trousers are “in” according to gen z. We recommend 

Turtleneck: Dubbed as the unsung hero of winter’s wardrobe, the turtleneck by Instyle magazine 

Jeans: Jeans are a must for any season so it's important to get the layering down right. 

Dresses: Dresses are the most versatile summer-to-fall transition pieces ever! 

  • Bodycon: For winter it's important to keep your legs warm and tights, stocks or leggings are a way to turn your summer dress into a fall staple. For the top, add a cardigan or an oversized sweater tucked in (hacks are all over social media, we recommend finding the right one for you). Cardigans look great left open, so if you get cold easily don’t forget a scarf. 
  • Strapless: I love a good strapless dress because you can pair a simple thin long sleeve or turtleneck under your dress. Strapless dresses can come in long or short styles, depending on which you choose you're going to want to think about fabric type for your look. If you're going to pair with a coat and your dress is very flowy you might want a form fitting long sleeve top to give some contrast. For a boho look, pair with a chunky knit sweater or a form fitting oversized turtleneck and skip the scarf. 
  • Maxi: Maxi dresses, especially floral prints, are perfect to pair with a solid colored chunky knit sweater. Pairing your Maxi’s with boots or sneakers with oversized socks is a good way to stay warm. If you don’t want to tuck in your sweater, an alternative is getting a belt. Make sure it matches the color scheme going on or contrasts nicely. If your sweater is chunky we recommend going for a skinny style  belt. If you don’t want to spend time reworking your sweater then invest in some crop sweaters because they are a great addition to your wardrobe. 

Streetwear, and editorial style is more lenient and can often clash or go against the golden rules mentioned above. When you curate your style you’ll find for yourself what works and what doesn’t. The template for a good sweater and dress combo is simple to master, now it's time for you to start experimenting with your closet.

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