Threaded Social Club's Blast to Halloween's Past

Threaded Social Club's Blast to Halloween's Past

The celebrity Halloween season would be well underway at this point, which means costume parties and cat fights over who wore it best. Sadly everything has been put on pause with no foreseeable end before Oct 31. That's totally fine because we can just reminisce about Halloween’s past. Celebrities are really just too much so let's do a deep dive and take a look back at some of our favorite stars dressed to scare. 

As you know, there aren’t many celebrities who actually dress to scare, I mean everyone wants to look cute or sexy and although that's such a vibe where are all our festive people at? 

Heidi Klum

as a skinned woman is scary and not in the horror kind of way. Heidi Klum is the queen of costumes, no joke. Someone please get her a an award! More costumes from her to come! 

The woman can even outdo herself. This 2014 look took forever to complete and she looks unrecognizable. You go girl! 
must we say anything? 

Best Couple's Costumes

Joe and Sophie welcomed their first child earlier this year but check out their cute couples costume. That height difference is so adorable and can we talk about Morticia's hair? 

R.I.P this relationship, but Jennifer Lopez and former dancer Casper Smart really rocked this Dia De Los Muerto costume in 2018. 
How damn cute when Halloween is a family affair. JT and Jessica Biel decided to dress up as trolls from the movie! 


Bella and The Weekend stunned as the rosy versions of Beetlejuice in 2018. 

Austin Butler and Vanessa Hudgens were a vibe and she is the daughter of darkness serving up 31 + days of Halloween looks every year. Check out one of their iconic costume looks.

 Most Hilarious

Bruce Willis might not be on some of your radar's but this iconic actor made us all giggle with his silly twins costume from the Shining. 


Another oldie but goodie, Jack Nicholson literally doing his absolute most as a priest. Pretty sure this wouldn't fly today but still hilarious. 

We were debating on wether putting this in the best couples costumes but remembered that these two as the Clinton's is just to hilarious. In 2016 Orlando Bloom and Katy made everyone laugh. 
Wtf Martha! 

Singles costumes

Ok, Lebron James has a few goodies under his belt but in actuality this Edward Scissorshands remake is great. S/O to Lebron for this iconic look last year. 


If you didn't know, our favorite pirate has a daughter and she is a full blown stunner. Her halloween costume of choice in 2018 was a ringleader. 
How cute is lupita nyong'o paying homage to a classic. The Craft inspired this week's The Club's Choice, go check out some fits we created for the witchy season. 
Hmmm, Cardi as Krewella is big bitch vibes!

 Halsey has such a cute body and her poison ivy looks is great! 

Throwing it back to the 90s with this iconic lewk. Naomi Campbell is so damn gorgeous. 
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